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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Loranthaceae
Order  Santalales
Rank  Genus
Amyema lepidopterabutterflyhousecomauplantsloraamye
Similar  Amyema quandang, Amyema pendula, Loranthaceae, Amyema preissii, Lysiana exocarpi

Amyema is a genus of semi-parasitic shrubs (mistletoes) which occur in Malesia and Australia.



There are approximately 90 species including the following:

  • Amyema artensis (Mont.) Dan. (indigenous to Upolu and Savai'i, known as tapuna.)
  • Amyema benthamii (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema betchei (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema bifurcata (Benth.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema biniflora Barlow
  • Amyema brassii Barlow
  • Amyema brevipes (Tiegh.) Danser
  • Amyema cambagei (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema congener (Sieber ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema conspicua (F.M.Bailey) Danser
  • Amyema dolichopoda Barlow
  • Amyema duurenii Barlow
  • Amyema eburna (Barlow) Barlow
  • Amyema fitzgeraldii (Blakely) Danser - pincushion mistletoe
  • Amyema gaudichaudii (DC.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema gibberula (Tate) Danser
  • Amyema glabra (Domin) Danser
  • Amyema haematodes (O.Schwarz) Danser
  • Amyema herbertiana Barlow
  • Amyema hilliana (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh.
  • Amyema lucasii (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema mackayensis (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema maidenii (Blakely) Barlow
  • Amyema melaleucae (Lehm. ex Miq.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema microphylla Barlow
  • Amyema miquelii (Lehm. ex Miq.) Tiegh. - stalked mistletoe
  • Amyema miraculosa (Miq.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema nestor (S.Moore) Danser
  • Amyema pendula (Sieber ex Spreng.) Tiegh. - drooping mistletoe
  • Amyema preissii (Miq.) Tiegh. - wireleaf mistletoe
  • Amyema quandang (Lindl.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema quaternifolia Barlow
  • Amyema queenslandica (Blakely) Danser
  • Amyema sanguinea (F.Muell.) Danser
  • Amyema seemeniana (K.Schum.) Danser
  • Amyema subcapitata Barlow
  • Amyema tetraflora (Barlow) Barlow
  • Amyema tetrapetala (Danser) Barlow
  • Amyema thalassia Barlow
  • Amyema tridactyla Barlow
  • Amyema tristis (Zoll.) Tiegh.
  • Amyema verticillata ((Merr.) Danser
  • Amyema villiflora (Domin) Barlow
  • Amyema whitei (Blakely) Danser
  • Faunal associations

    Amyema Amyema miquelii Noosa39s Native Plants

    The mistletoebird is known to consume the fruit of Amyema quandang as well as other mistletoe species from which its name is derived.

    Larvae of the butterfly genus Delias often use various Amyema species as larval food plants. In doing so, the adults acquire a taste that is unpalatable to predators.

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    Amyema Amyema cambagei Noosa39s Native Plants
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