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Amukta Ani

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Directed by  Romi Meitei
Music by  Sorri Senjam
Director  Romi Meitei
Editor  John Dagnen
Produced by  Jenny Khurai
Initial release  11 October 2014
Music director  Sorri Senjam
Amukta Ani httpsiytimgcomviCPjXeYEIUdshqdefaultjpg
Screenplay by  Laishram Santosh & Romi Meitei
Story by  Laishram Santosh & Thoi
Starring  Bala Hijam Roshan Pheiroijam Sushmita Mangshatabam Ethoi Oinam Priyogopal Khonykar Dhanamanjuri Modhubala
Cast  Bala Hijam, Sushmita Mangsatabam
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Amukta ani trailer

Amukta Ani (English: Two In One) is a 2014 Meitei film directed by Romi Meitei and produced by Jenny Khurai. It stars Bala Hijam, Roshan Pheiroijam and Sushmita Mangshatabam in the lead, with Ethoi Oinam, Gurumayum Priyogopal, Khonykar Khuraijam, Dhanamanjuri and Modhubala portraying supporting roles. The story of the film was written by Laishram Santosh and Thoi, and screenplay by Romi Meitei and Laishram Santosh. Sorri Senjam composed the soundtrack and Romi Meitei wrote the lyrics.


The film was released at Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT) on 11 October 2014 with a red carpet event hosted by WOL Media named as 'Khongul'.

Musi musi ngalliba new manipuri 2014 film amukta ani


  • Bala Hijam as Thoibi
  • Roshan Pheiroijam as Mangal
  • Sushmita Mangshatabam as Langlen
  • Ethoi Oinam as Laisana
  • Priyogopal as Thoibi's Father
  • Dhanamanjuri as Thoibi's Mother
  • Khonykar Khuraijam as Mangal's Father
  • Modhubala as Mangal's Mother
  • About

    The movie is about a boy trying to earn a girl's love at all cost. Mangal (Roshan) is a spoilt child. Both Mangal (Roshan) and Thoibi (Bala) are studying in the same school. Mangal meets Thoibi when he is fighting with the gatekeeper of the school. Since then, he follows her everywhere (including tuition centres) and keeps stalking her. He even follows her to Delhi. It is a love triangle film, where Langlen (Sushmita) comes in between Thoibi and Mangal, and the film shows how Thoibi takes all the responsibilities of misclosings and misunderstandings in the love triangle. The film also shows the contrasting personalities between Thoibi and Langlen.


    This movie is the third production of Ima Sana Chingjroibi Films, after producing Kamala-Gokul starrer 'Mamado Leishabido Angaobido' and Shumang Leela remake of Pizza Hiktharaba Samji (Pizza). The shooting of the film was done in Manipur and New Delhi.

    Reviews wrote,"Amukta Ani tries to show the dutiful Bala with a big heart, big enough to sacrifice her love. All the characters are presented in an extreme way. The movie begins to fall when it comes into climax. I think it is because of the extreme characters."


    Sorri Senjam composed the soundtrack for the film and Romi Meitei wrote the lyrics. The songs are titled "Mensinba Ngamdraba" and "Musi Musi Ngalliba".


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