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America 2040

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Originally published  March 1986
Genre  Science Fiction
4.4/5 Goodreads

Author  Hugh Zachary
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The America 2040 series (1986-1988) is a science fiction series by Evan Innes, a pen name for Hugh Zachary.


The Space Frontier Begins In The Year 2040.

America 2040

Dexter Hamilton Was Born In North Carolina In 1987 When He Became The Governor,Senator And The President Of The United States In The Past Two Months In The Year 2033 And He Is The First American President To Make His Trip To The Soviet Union To Meet The Soviet Premier Yuri Kolchak For The Meeting Over Weapons Of War Along With His Secretary Of State,George Maxwell And These Two Men Being Accompanied By Soviet General Theresa Pulaski Until They Knew About The Summit Meeting In The Past Couple Days Then Hamilton And Maxwell Decided To Going Back To Washington DC To Figure It Out About Their Biggest Problem About What Happened In The Soviet Union During Their Summit Meeting And They Decided To Use Project Lightstep And Rhenium Fuel To Fire Up Any Ships Heading To Space In The Near Future.

Eight Years Later Into The Year 2040,The Shuttle Known As Spirit Of America Is Preparing To Launch Into Space To Find The New Frontier And The Shuttle Commander Duncan Rodrick Along With His Crew Like Jackie Garvey,Rocky Miller And His Wife,Mandy Along With Pat Renfro, Jack Purdy And His Wife,Dinah Are Joining For The Frontier While The Young Man Named Clay Girard And His Dog,Jumper Wants To Be Part Of This Until Death And Tragedy Hurting Them And They Are Looking Afford Into The Future Until The New Chapter Is About To Begin Forever.

Dexter Hamilton

President Of The United States during a crisis that may explode America’s last hope for a future...Unless He can beat the Russians Into space on a secret mission to the stars

Yuri Kolchak

President of the Soviet superpower,he would rather see the entire world dead than free...And his mad plan for conquest is about to begin

Theresa Pulaski

The first Soviet woman general,with her lies the one chance the free world has to survive...If she has the courage to murder the man She loves

Captain Duncan Rodrick

No man has ever undertaken a great adventure or a more dangerous mission. On his broad shoulders falls the fate on his country's future, His crew and his passengers-all threatened by an enemy inside the ship itself...And by nature's deadliest obstacles outside on space's Unexplored frontier

Rocky Miller

First officer for a historic mission. His reputation as a "hot dog" reflects his love of taking risks, of pushing himself and his ship Beyond the limits, of seeking the irresponsible thrills that may be the prelude to horror and tragedy

Amanda Miller

Ship's doctor for the new American pioneers, she is as beautiful as she is brilliant...But her intelligence can't stop the wildfire of Passion that sweeps her into a lover's forbidden embrace

Patrick Renfro

Pilot of the scout ship Lil Darlin, he has the special guts it takes to go where no man has travelled. But he also has an Irresistible attraction to pretty women...Including His best friend's wife

Jack Purdy

Top security man trained to be a fighting machine, he faces a terrible betrayal at the hands of a friend...And a mission which will Make him take mankind's biggest step of all

Clay Girard

A boy with a love for his country that can make him a hero...Or Lead him into life-threatening trouble where even his special courage And his devoted dog jumper can't save him

Cindy McRae

A lovely young girl whose future lies on a faraway world, but if a madman can't be stopped, she'll never reach her destiny alive


A robot which possesses a mind of its own, the disappearing talents of Alice's cheshire cat...And The last desperate hope to save The spaceship and everyone on board

America 2040: The Golden World

The Second Chapter Begins After The Spirit of America’s Journey From Space Since Three Members Of The Crew Died From The Dangerous Enemy Inside The Ship Are Dick Stanton,Dinah Purdy And Pat Renfro During The Mission Until They Found The New Planet Called Omega,Which Is The Same Planet Like Earth To Settle Like The Colony To Named Each Single Land Or Water To Honor Three Crew Members Who Was Tragically Killed And They Will Honored Them Such As Stanton Bay, Lake Dinah and Renfro Mountains In The New Planet And The Next Chapter Continues.

Captain Duncan Rodrick

With steely strength and unwavering courage. He has completed the first leg of his historic mission in space. But now he faces new dangers from a strange world of awesome proportions-and his decisions alone mean survival or death as a fierce attack threatens the colony...And A captain must choose between honor and love

Lt Jacqueline Garvey

Lovely and sensual,she has given herself willingly to Duncan Rodrick,only to find that sharing his bed does not mean she possesses His heart...And That revenge is as strong a feeling as desire

Amanda Miller

The attractive,intelligent medical director for the mission,she tries to lose herself in her work,but she cannot heal the pain of wanting A man she can never have...Or Of a marriage gone bad

Rocky Miller

No one doubts the courage of this strong,quick tempered officer,and no one guesses the ambitions that make him a dangerous rival for control of a world

Theresita Pulaski

The most powerful Soviet leader aboard the Russian starship, she has a dream she would kill for...And A fate that put her face-to-face With terror and the unknown

Jacob West

He pilots his scout plane Apache One with the same breathtaking skill his Indian ancestors used,galloping their pintos across the Great American West,and his special bravery can mean life or death to a woman...And A world

Sage Bryson

She is the most beautiful woman among the pioneers,her classic face and perfect figure like a magnet for lustful men,but her partner she chooses is not a man,not a human,at all

The Admiral

Stronger,faster,and more intelligent that any man on the ship,his craggy good looks and gentle manner make him beloved by many...But Cannot make this robot human

Clay Girard

A high spirited teen who began as an orphan stowaway finds that the future is his on this new world...And So is the girl he loves

Cindy McRae

Young and attractive,she is coming to womanhood with a new world at her feet...But She alone senses the hostile force that will come to threaten them all

America 2040: City In The Mist

The Third Chapter Of The America 2040 Series Continues As The Citizens Of The Planet Omega Is Safe And Sound While Captain Duncan Rodrick And His Crew Found A New City Of Stone Which Discovered By Stoner McRae Until The Former President Of The United States Dexter Hamilton Decided To Visit The New Planet For The First Time Since He Became The Commander Of Chief From The Past Two Terms.

Captain Duncan Rodrick

He has built a new settlement from the untamed land, but now he faces the supreme test of a leader's training and a man's courage-he must Wage war against a terrifying enemy...And As his own heart battles with a secret passion, his decisions will send his soldiers to victory Or death.

Lt Jacqueline Rodrick

The captain has made her his wife, but not the keeper of his heart. In passion and rage, she will plan a dangerous gamble that will either Win his love...Or Lose him forever.

Mandy Miller

Sole survivor of an attack by alien beings, she will volunteer for a risky mission to try to forget her nightmares...And Her dreams of Forbidden kisses from a man she can never have.

Sage Bryson

Most beautiful of all the women in the colony, her exquisite loveliness may spell her doom as she is chosen to be consort to a royal alien.

Prince Yanee

As handsome as a Greek god and as careless of human life, his perfect face is a mask that hides an awesome cruelty as his race claims This planet for their own...At Any cost.

Dexter Hamilton

Former President of the United States, his vision sent a mission to space...But Will he have the courage to himself board a second ship And become a pathfinder to the stars?

Clay Girard

An orphan stowaway who has grown into young manhood on his adopted world, his outstanding skill as a pilot will be all that stands Between destruction and victory.

Cindy McRae

Vibrantly sixteen and irrepressible, she will prove herself a woman with a daring act of courage...And An act of love.

Astrud Cabral

Anthropologist aboard a Brazilian starship, she will be torn as she watches an old history of conquest and cruelty carried out in a new World...And She will be faced with a shocking choice.


Proud warrior of the people called Caan, he will fight lasers with a sword, pit good against evil, and risk his planet's future by giving his heart to a woman who can save them...Or Destroy them.


The playful dragonlike creature who has become a mascot of Rodrick's Settlement, she will prove her true worth when a planet's secret turns into a deadly threat.

America 2040: The Return

The Fourth Chapter Of America 2040 Series Continues As The Planet Omega Citizens Welcome The Former President Of The United States Dexter Hamilton Into The New Planet After His New Ship Free Enterprise Landed On The New Planet While The Citizens Honored Him With Respect Forever And Ever.

Captain Duncan Rodrick

His strength tempered in a crucible of blood and war,he leads omega with a wisdom beyond his years as a new crisis rocks this frontier Land...But He cannot control his own heart when it comes to a woman he secretly adores.

Mandy Miller

Skilled colony physician and a lovely, desirable woman, she finds herself courted by a fine,good man...But How can she confess that her Outward coldness in a disguise for the inner fire raging still for an impossible love.

Dexter Hamilton

Former President of the United States and the prime mover of the journey to the stars...He Is in exile, but clinging to the dream that He will return to Earth with a new beginning for an old world.

The Sergeant

A robot more handsome, powerful and intelligent than a man, he has inexplicably begun to be human in his dangerous jealousy to the Admiral...The Fellow robot he becomes obsessed to kill.

Grace Monroe

The most brilliant woman in the colony, she has invented the men of steel and wires, but in giving them "birth" she never guessed that giving them love will someday save her life.

Prince Yanee

Leader of the alien race Eepera's city, his godlike beauty belies a devilish nature which will plant the seeds of destruction inside The very hearts of the earthlings.

Lyndon West

Child born of the rape of Soviet Refugee Theresita Pulaski by Prince Yanee, he is a bad seed...A Boy of pure malevolence and terrible powers.

Vic Wakefield

A good looking young space marine, his lonely nights on duty will soon lead to forbidden pleasures in the eepera women's arms and an Addiction too pleasurable to forget...Too Strong to break.


A delicate teddy bear like creature, she looks harmless, but the fabulous talents of her ursine race called Spreens can provide a secret weapon in the American pioneers'last desperate fight.

Webb Howard

A seven-year-old new settler, he is quick, smart, and filled with the promise of a bright tomorrow unless he becomes the victim of a child without a conscience...or a soul.

America 2040: The Star Explorer

The Fifth And Final Chapter Of The America 2040 Series Comes Down Into The Last Frontier As The Planet Omega Citizens Elect The Former President Of The United States,Dexter Hamilton To Become The New President Of The Planet Omega To Make Sure That He Make This Planet Like Earth.

Cindy and Clay Girard

Space pilot and navigator, this young, adventuresome husband and wife team will venture into the very core of the galaxy...to find the entire future of their race depends on their bravery-and their love.

Astrud Cabral

Beautiful amazonian mate to the warrior king of the savage Caans. Her roots reach back to earth, but her destiny lies with an alien People and her plan to save a city...And An entire race.

Grace Monroe

The new world's most brilliant scientist. A violent fate will rob her of her womanhood...And Transform her into something that may be Something less than human.

The Sergeant

A handsome and intelligent humanoid, he is destined to bring a great gift to mankind-or a monster.

Tigertoes Gavril

A gorgeous woman mercenary who undertakes a dangerous mission, she finds the one man she can love-just as she faces certain death twenty Five thousand feet beneath a stormy sea.

Vic Wakefield

A daring and troubled deep sea diver, he will do anything to make up for one terrible mistake of his past...Even Die.

Tina Sells Wakefield

Pretty and vivacious, she is pushed by her shameful reputation into a reckless adventure where she will risk everything to tame a strange And giant creature of an alien world.

Lyndon West

The half-human/half Eeperan child, he has grown into a cunning adolescent with his own plans that could mean the end of the Omegans-and make him the king of a captive world.

The Dennies

The huge, mammalian-like aquatic monsters of a distant world, they may be the dolphins of tomorrow-bearing an unexpected message of love And hope for all of humankind.


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