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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Amathinidae
Higher classification  Heterostropha
Superfamily  Pyramidelloidea
Phylum  Mollusca
Rank  Family
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Similar  Gastropods, Molluscs, Capulidae, Hipponicidae, Clavatulidae

Amathinidae, is a taxonomic family mostly consisting of small and minute sea snails, marine heterobranch gastropod molluscs or micromolluscs in the superfamily Pyramidelloidea.


Together with Pyramidellidae, Ebalidae, Turbonillidae, Odostomidae and other genera they form the superfamily Pyramidelloidea.

Little is known on the biology of the group, but some data on the anatomy and systematic position is given by Ponder (1987) and Huber (1993).

1999 taxonomy

Genera within the family Amathinidae according to the taxonomy of Schander, Van Aartsen & Corgan (1999) include:

  • Genus Amathina J. E. Gray, 1842
  • Genus Amathinoides Sacco, 1896
  • Genus Carinorbis Conrad, 1862
  • Genus Cyclothyca Stearns, 1861
  • Genus Faluniella Cossman, 1921
  • Genus Iselica Dall, 1918
  • Genus Leucotina A. Adams, 1860
  • Genus Phasianema Wood, 1842
  • Genus Plicifer H. Adams, 1868
  • 2005 taxonomy

    This family has no subfamilies.


    This family presently comprises less than 100 recent and fossil species divided into seven genera: Amathina, Amathinoides, Carinorbis, Cyclothyca, Iselica, Leucotina and Phasianema.

    Two additional genera, Faluniella and Plicifer may also be a part of Amathinidae:

  • Genus Faluniella Cossmann, 1921
  • Genus Plicifer H. Adams, 1868
  • Genera within the family Amathinidae include:

  • Amathina Gray, 1842
  • Clathrella Recluz, 1864
  • Cyclothyca Stearns, 1891
  • Iselica Dall, 1918
  • Leucotina A. Adams, 1860
  • Genera brought into synonymy
  • Adelactaeon Cossmann, 1895: synonym of Leucotina A. Adams, 1860
  • Myonia A. Adams, 1860: synonym of Leucotina A. Adams, 1860
  • Anatomy

    The shells are usually flat without coiling. They usually have strong axial ribs. Ponder described giant neurons in the cerebral ganglion.


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