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Allerthorpe Common

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Area of Search  Humberside
Interest  Biological
Phone  +44 7956 698698
Grid reference  SE761475
Area  9 ha
Notification  1951
Allerthorpe Common
Address  Sutton Ln, York YO42 4DQ, UK
Similar  Brockadale Nature Reserve, Askham Bog, North Cave Wetlands, Hetchell Wood, Leven Canal

Allerthorpe common 14th march mmxiv pink cuckoos

Allerthorpe Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and nature reserve in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is located close to the town of Pocklington. The site, which was designated a SSSI in 1951, lies on river and lake sands, which were deposited during the last glacial period 12-10,000 years ago. The soils are acidic and a variety of habitats, including wet and dry heath, mire, grassland and woodland have formed. The drier areas are dominated by heather interspersed with cross-leaved heath and purple moor grass. In the wetter areas purple moor grass forms dense tussocks. Common cottongrass and marsh cinquefoil occur in the wet mire conditions.


Pocklington canal allerthorpe common 10 mile walk at 2 x speed


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