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Alla Zahaikevych

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Name  Alla Zahaikevych
Role  Composer
Music director  The Guide, Mamay

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Albums  Motus, To Escape, to Breathe, to Keep Silence, Nord / Ouest
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Nominations  Shevchenko National Prize in Cinematography

Alla Zahaikevych (Ukrainian: Алла Загайкевич ) (born December 17, 1966 in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian composer of contemporary classical music, performance artist, organiser of electroacoustic music projects, musicologist. Her name is alternatively spelled Alla Zagaykevych on all releases and in texts which are in English.


Alla Zahaikevych httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu


She graduated from Kiev State P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory (now National Music Academy of Ukraine), the class of composition and orchestration of Professor Yu.Ischenko (1990). In 1993-1994 she made her postgraduate studies in music theory with Professor I.P’jaskovsky and in composition with Professor Yu.Ischenko. In 1995-1996 she attended annual course for composition and musical informatics at the IRCAM (Paris, France. In 1986-1999 she was a member of the folklore Ensemble "Drevo" of the National Music Academy of Ukraine, Director Ye.Yefremov, where she investigated Ukrainian authentic singing and participated in numerous folkloric expeditions, conferences, festivals.

Since 1998 she is a lecturer at the Music Information Technologies’ Department of the National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kiev), where she founded the Electronic Music Studio (supported by International Renaissance Foundation).

List of Zagaykevych’s works include symphonic, instrumental and vocal chamber music, electro-acoustic compositions, multi-media installations and performances, chamber opera, music for films. Alla Zagaykevych - Artistic Director of International projects Electroacoustics (Kyiv, from 2003), EM-VISIA (Kyiv, from 2005), Artistic Director of Electroacoustic’s Ensemble (from 2009). In 2004 she was awarded the Oleksandr Dovzhenko State Award of Ukraine for music for film MAMAY and has received numerous other awards for his work.

Author of musicological articles in scientific periodicals (Ukrajins’ke Muzykoznavstvo, v.52; Muzyka, 1996; Organised Sound (2007),12)

Selected compositions

  • Contre S (dedié à Guy Debord) for Kontra-Trio (cb-flute, cb-saxofon, tuba) add electronics (2011)
  • Mithe IV : KS (dedicated to Karol Symanowski) for violin and electronics (2011)
  • Blicke der Verliebten (for ensemble recherche) for 8 performers (2010)
  • Cantos: Island for 3 cello soli and 15 strings (2010)
  • Cascades for piano (2009)
  • GO for sheng, erhu, percussion and electronic recording (2009)
  • String quartet for 2 violins, viola and cello (2009)
  • By the Undergroung River for flute, clarinet, oboe, piano, violin, cello (2008)
  • Venezia for cello and electronics (2008)
  • Tercet for clarinet, violin and cello (2007)
  • Luceo for piano (2007)
  • Concerto for cello and orchestra (2007)
  • Transparency for violin and electronic recording (2006)
  • Laborinthus – Exitus for clarinet and electronic recording (2005)
  • Air mechanics for flute, clarinet, perc., piano, violin and cello (2005)
  • Vent, pierres, fleurs… for accordion (2004)
  • Ecce Juventa Anni to text by Grygoriy Skovoroda for soprano, choir and the symphony orchestra (2004)
  • Pagode for recorders and electronic recording (2003)
  • "The Way to the Great River" on the text by O.Lysheha (in English) for soprano and 8 instrumentalists (fl, ob, cl, prc, p, vn, vl, vc) (2002)
  • "Heroneya" for violin, cello, bassoon, piano, electronic recording (2002)
  • "Gravitation" for 2 cellos (2001)
  • "Choven" on verses by Mykola Vorobjov (in Ukrainian) for soprano, mezzo-soprano and baritone (1999), (instrumental version: "Choven", 2000)
  • "Chemins des Ombres" for trombone, percussion and contrabass (1998)
  • "Interlude" for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, alto, cello, double bass (1998)
  • "Mar-X-Nevidomist" for soprano and piano (1997)
  • "Numbers and Wind" ("Drawings by Memory") chamber opera on verses by Mykola Vorobjov (in Ukrainian) (3 voices, fl, cl, fg, cr, tn, prc - 2, p, vn, vl, vc, cb) (1992–1997)
  • "Ausgesetzt auf den Bergen des Herzens..." on verses by Rainer Maria Rilke (in German) for soprano and orchestra (1996)
  • "Et dans un long tournoiement j'entrerai dedans l'etang celeste" on poetry by Oleh Lysheha for bassoon, double bass, clarinet/bass clarinet, electronics (1996)
  • "Musique Aveugle" for piano and orchestra (1995)
  • "Sans l'Eloignement de la Terre" for violin, accordion and guitar (1994)
  • "Intermezzo" for symphony orchestra (1993)
  • "Trio" for violin, cello and piano (1991)
  • "Symphony" on the poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky (in Russian) for baritone and symphony orchestra (1990)
  • Electroacoustic performances and multimedia works

  • "Musique naïve" (dedicated to CAT trio) performance for accordion, gitare, theremin and electronics (2011)
  • "Life as Music" generative in real time composition for Oboe, Clarinet in B, Alto Saxophon, Percussion and Contrebasse (2011)
  • "Raven", music for experimental performance piece created by Yara Arts Group (New York) inspired by the poetry by Oleh Lysheha (2011)
  • "Contre S (dedié à Guy Debord)" electroacoustic performance for Electroacoustic’s Ensemble (2010)
  • "Nord/Ouest" electroacoustic performance for folklor voices, violin, flute, percussion and electronics (for Electroacoustic’s Ensemble) (2010)
  • "While Falling Asleep: To Wake Up.. While Flying Up: To Submerge.." electroacoustic installation in four waves for project «MAVKA» (2009)
  • "Sud/Est" electroacoustic performance for Electroacoustic’s Ensemble, (video – Vadim Jovich) (2009)
  • "Venezia – Vision" electroacoustic performance for cello and electronics, (video – Vadim Jovich), (2008)
  • Music for film "Illusion of Existence"(2004)
  • "Seasons in the Square" electronic music for audio-visual installation (2004)
  • Music for film "MAMAY" (2003)
  • "To Escape, to Breathe, to Keep Silence" electronic music for audio-visual installation (2002)
  • "Cosi Fan Tutte", electronic music for audio-visual installation (video: O.Plysjuk) (2000)
  • References

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