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All India Youth Federation

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All India Youth Federation

All India Youth Federation is the youth wing of Communist Party of India.



The All India Youth Federation (AIYF) came into being in 1959. Till that year constituent units and organizations existed independently in the various states and regions of India. The different state, district and local democratic youth organizations used to function separately, though there was some kind of co-ordination between them to a lesser or greater degree. The separate youth organizations, which later formed the AIYF, were gradually evolving common aims and objects, and in the course of time felt the need for an organisation at national level. Firebrand Communist and the youngest Councillor of Delhi MCD, Guru Radha Kishan took initiative to organise the first meet of upcoming organisation, to be held in Delhi.

The foundation conference of the All India Youth Federation was held in New Delhi, from 28 April to 3 May 1959. The six-day session, was attended by over 250 delegates and observers, from 11 states. The conference announced the formation of the AIYF. The conference decided that the AIYF would propagate the ideas of socialism. It decided to affiliate with the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and thus to be a part of world youth movement.. Famous artist and film personality Balraj Sahani was elected as the first president of AIYF and Sarada Mitra as General Secretary. P.K. Vasudevan Nair was elected the chairman of the executive committee of the AIYF.

Organisational structure

These are the organs of the organisation: (1) National Conference (2) General Council (3) State Council (4) District Council (5) Taluk or subdivisional Council (6) Local or Primary Unit.

The flag of AIYF

The proportion of the length and breadth of the flag are 3:2. The colour of the flag is two third on the right side red, and the remaining one third sky blue. On the top left corner of the flag in the sky blue back ground, there is a five cornered red star. The red colour in the flag stands for the revolutionary zeal of the youth an sky blue symbolises their desire for peace. Red star stands for revolutionary idealism and honesty and the five corners of the star represent the solidarity and friendship of the youth of all the five continents.


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