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All India Democratic Students Organisation

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All India Democratic Students Organisation

All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) is a student organisation in India. It was founded on 28 December 1954, and is affiliated with the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist).


Its motto is struggle, unity, progress.

Basic outlook

The AIDSO aims to fight against injustice, oppression and exploitation and promote social transformation.

Aims and objectives

The primary objective of the AIDSO is to organise student movements against the anti-education policies of the central and state governments as well as other authorities concerned, and for the "establishment of a scientific, secular, democratic education system".

Movements and protests

The AIDSO was formed on 28 December 1954. In the late 50s, a large student movement formed in West Bengal against a seat restriction scheme. The AIDSO played a crucial role In this movement. In 1974, AIDSO held the Cuttack Conference where the organisation emerged in a new form with an All India character, with representation from 8 states.

The AIDSO played a role during the Emergency of 1975-76. Several members were involved in protesting against bus and tram fare increases in West Bengal in the 1980s. Manik Burman, a school student and AIDSO worker, and Rabi Ghosh, a leading AIDSO organiser, sustained severe bullet injuries. In Purulia Habul Rajak an AIDSO worker, and Sovaram Modak, died after being shot by police. AIDSO opposed NPE 86 and organised national protests.

In Kerala, the AIDSO was part of a protracted movement against the DPEP or SSA.

Recently the AIDSO has organised a national movement against the government policies of commercialisation of education, bringing education under the purview of GATS, the introduction of sex education at school level and the policy of SEZ (Special Economic Zones).


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