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All american handyman ep 202 introduction

All American Handyman is a HGTV reality competition show between a group of handymen and women. The show is hosted by Mike Holmes and Scott McGillivray. It is a spin-off of Handyman Superstar Challenge, with similar challenges. A revamped Handyman Superstar Challenge is based on All American Handyman, called Canada's Handyman Challenge.


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All American Handyman is a competition between handymen and handywomen with challenges based on home repair and improvement, and basic woodworking. The winner of the competition is the "All American Handyman", and is offered a development deal with HGTV. After each challenge, a number of competitors are eliminated. There are two challenges per episode. The series is based on HGTV Canada's Handyman Superstar Challenge.

Top 10 Finalists

  • Peter Wong -- WINNER
  • David "Dee" Pellot
  • Dennis Nourry
  • Elliot Boswell
  • Flagg Youngblood
  • Matthew McGuire
  • Rich Homburger
  • Sara Ashby
  • Caitlin Oliveira
  • Andrew Kowalyshyn
  • Episode 1: Hello Contestants, Goodbye Contestants

    The twenty finalists are given two sheets of plywood to build anything they want within the time limit of two hours. Only ten(10) finalists make it the next stage, which includes the shape challenge and quizzes on building code and tools.

    Episode 2: Teams of Two

    The remaining eight contestants are paired into teams and given the task of finishing a section of a room. They must install a window, drywall, wainscot, trim, and wood flooring. To top it off, contestants have to install a flat screen TV on the wall.
    After dropping two more contestants, the remaining six get one hour to install a salvaged door slab (including making the door frame) on a laundry room, as well as make a shelf above the washer and dryer.

    Episode 3: Lay Out Kitchen Designs

    Contestants are given one hour to incorporate a refrigerator, range, dishwaher, microwave and sink into a small, "L"-shaped kitchen. They must design and build the cabinets and install countertops as well.
    After eliminating another handyman, the final four contestants face a trio of challenges, each to be completed in 30 minutes or less: repair a broken window pane; shingle a dog house; install a toilet.

    Episode 4: This is the End My Friends

    The final three contestants are given the task of designing and building an outdoor space including a deck, furniture, and a barbecue grill.

    Season 2 (2011)

    The second season is extended to have a total of 6 episodes, allowing the first to eliminate only 6 out of 20 instead of the first season's first episode where 12 out of 20 were eliminated.

    Top 10 Finalists

  • Allison Oropallo
  • Andy Panko
  • Cheryl Pokorny
  • Jared Polston -- WINNER
  • Kate Schorzman
  • Lawrence Huffines
  • Natalie Spahle
  • Neil Smith
  • Pete Kelley
  • Shaun Killman
  • Episode 1: Make or Break

    Initial findings, cutting down from 20 competitors to the top 14

    Challenge 1:

    Use two sheets of plywood to build anything the contestant wants Low: Howard, Marcus, Chris, Edward, Mike, Tonya Eliminated: Edward Wurch, Mike Burns, Tonya Tyler

    Challenge 2:

    Build a fence gate (no plans) Low: Howard, Marcus, Chris, Josh, Andy Eliminated: Chris Gill, Joshua Cohen, Marcus Bailey

    Episode 2: Good on Paper

    Challenge 1:

    Rough line drawing sketch of either Adirondack chair, planter box, or a small table
  • Chair: Shaun, Kurt, Neil, Allison, Stefano
  • Planter: Howard, Cheryl, Jared, Natalie
  • Table: Matt, Pete, Andy, Kate, Lawrence
  • Eliminated: Matthew, Steffano

    Challenge 2:

    Follow precise plans to build a toolbox

    Eliminated: Kurt, Howard

    Episode 3: Behind Closed Doors

    Challenge 1:

    Each contestant is tested one-on-one by each judge
  • Mike Holmes asks questions about building codes and general building knowledge, then has them attempt to find errors in a poorly built bathroom
  • Scott McGillivray has them transfer shapes from one board to cut those shapes out of another board
  • Guest judge Bill Kiss, CMO of Sears Tools, tests 'tool IQ' by having difficult situations where they must select the correct tool to use
  • Challenge 2:

    Build a staircase up to a 49 inch high platform

    Episode 4: Terrible Twos

    Challenge 1:

    Contestants are randomly divided into teams of two. Each team must finish a room, starting from studs, they are asked to put in insulation, drywall, a window, hardwood flooring and trim, and mount a TV to the wall

    The teams are:

  • Shaun and Cheryl
  • Allison and Andy
  • Jared and Kate
  • Lawrence and Neil
  • After the first challenge, the weakest team (Lawrence and Neil) compete one-on-one to install crown molding around a number of difficult corners

    Challenge 2:

    Build a brick patio from the ground up

    Episode 5: Know it or Blow it

    Challenge 1:

    Obstacle course of 3 30 minute challenges that require prior knowledge to simply accomplish. Replacing a damaged piece of hardwood flooring, install an electrical socket and light with a switch on a wall, and build a small stack of bricks to test masonry knowledge.

    Challenge 2:

    Install a double door, including frame, on a linen closet. Then install a shelving system and fill it with linens.

    Episode 6: To the Top

    Challenge 1:

    Build a large garden shed in 6 hours, with the help of 2 crew who they must manage, having the night before to plan it.

    Challenge 2:

    Layout and build a kitchen using random used kitchen cabinets and new appliances.

    Top 10 Finalists

  • Carol Webster
  • Chris Leslie
  • Christopher Topp
  • Julia Crawford
  • Michael West
  • Paul Steiner
  • Rodney Boyden
  • Scott Clark
  • Scott Heeres
  • Sonne Shields -- WINNER
  • Episode 1: Outhouse to the Doghouse

    "Toilet Fixes and Custom Doghouse Build"

    Challenge 1
    Toilet replacement
    Challenge 2
    Custom doghouse build

    Episode 2: Playground Battlefield

    "Crying Babies and Playground Battles"

    Challenge 1
    Perform household fixes quietly without waking a sleeping baby
    Challenge 2
    Build custom playground

    Episode 3: The Dream Garage

    "From Clutter and Chaos to the Dream Garage"

    Challenge 1
    Window repair
    Challenge 2
    Teams of 2 to rebuild garage

    Episode 4: Inspect and Garden

    "Handymen Turned Home Inspectors Turned Garden Builders"

    Challenge 1
    Find home problems and repair them
    Challenge 2
    Build a tranquil garden retreat

    Episode 5: Burnt by the BBQ

    "The Crawlspace Obstacle Course and BBQ Island Build Off"

    Challenge 1
    Obstacle course
    Challenge 2
    Build a BBQ

    Episode 6: Kitchen Crowns the Winner

    "Media Room Redo and a Full Kitchen Build Out for the Win"

    Challenge 1
    Rebuild a media room
    Challenge 2
    Build a kitchen


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