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Alison Teal

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Alison Teal

Alison Teal smiles while wearing a sexy green sleeveless shirt and blue short pants outdoor
1986/1987 (age 33-34)

Matthew Kepnes, Gary Arndt, Chris Burkard


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Alison Teal (born 1986/1987 (age 33–34)) is a world traveler and global activist. Her father, David Blehert is a renowned adventure photographer and her mother, Deborah Koehn is a yoga teacher. Since Alison was two-months old she has been circumnavigating the globe with her parents. On location for her father's job she was home-schooled for a majority of her life, living modestly in remote areas of the world. Her permanent home is located on the Big Island of Hawaii in a self-sustainable modern grass shack.

Alison Teal holding a plastic trash in the reality show Alison's Adventures Maldives

Her passion for sustainability led her to become an ambassador of Patagonia and Sustainable Surf.

Teal graduated summa cum laude from University of Southern California (USC) theatre and film school and University of California Berkeley.

Alison Teal while surfing wearing a red two-piece bikini

Her short film, Rita, was featured and internationally accredited in the Telluride Film Festival, the Kid's Choice Award at MountainFilm in 2007 and nominated for an MTV movie award. The year after her film, Snaked! won again in the Telluride Film Festival. In 2007 she was named one of the top 25 college filmmakers by MTV and in 2009 was honored by Meryl Streep for being one of the top emerging female artists. She worked on the film Eat, Pray, Love on its location in Bali. In July 2013 she was featured on an episode of Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid titled "The Island from Hell" where she partnered up with another skilled survivalist and lived on a deserted island in the Maldives earning the highest Primitive Survival Rating at the end of the challenge of season one.

Alison Teal wearing a coconut palm leave hat

After being exposed to the excessive amount of trash that inhabits the Maldives, Teal returned a year later to create a film raising awareness about sustainability and organized a beach clean-up. The water bottles and plastic that were picked up turned into recyclable goods such as bathing suits and yoga pants, such as Teeki.

Alison Teal being topless holding a two plastic bottles in Alison's Adventures

She then traveled the world for eight years filming, producing, editing and starring a web series she created titled Alison's Adventures, about sustainability, travel and survival skills, with the help of family members and colleagues.

Alison Teal while holding a surf board wearing a pink two-piece bikini

Naked and afraid s alison teal on arsenio hall

Alison Teal wearing dozens of plastics on her body while being on water


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