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Alice Downs

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Alice Downs

Alice Downs Station is a pastoral lease that operates as a cattle station in Western Australia.



Situated approximately 59 kilometres (37 mi) north east of Halls Creek and 86 kilometres (53 mi) south of Warmun in the Kimberley region. A portion of the Panton River flows through the property along with many of its tributaries such as Eales Creek and Wild Dog Creek. Stock can also be watered at numerous springs. The area consists of open downs covered with Mitchell, Flinders and Bundle grasses.

The property occupies an area of 340,491 acres (137,792 ha).


Established prior to 1901 the manager that year was F. G. Taylor. The area had been struck by ticks at the same time though Alice Downs had not been largely affected.

The owners of the property; Yates, Taylor and Cranwell placed the 151,000 acres (61,108 ha) property on the market in 1908, it was stocked with 1,800 head of shorthorn cattle.

Frank Taylor retained possession of Alice Downs but with a new partner, H. F. Parnell who was also known as C. H. Newman. The pair placed both Alice Downs and Panton Hills Station on the market in 1919. At this time Alice Downs occupied an area of 289,790 acres (117,274 ha) and was stocked with 3,000 head of cattle and 146 horses.

In 2003, E. G. Green and sons, the owners of Alice Downs, Springvale Station, Mabel Downs and Texas Downs with a total area of 5,850 square kilometres (2,259 sq mi) and that were carrying approximately 32,000 head of Brahman cattle sold the aggregation to a South African buyer for A$15 million.


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