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Alias Pink Puzz

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Released  1969
Release date  1969
Producer  Mark Lindsay
Artist  Paul Revere & the Raiders
Genre  Pop
Label  Sundazed Records
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Alias Pink Puzz is an album by Paul Revere and the Raiders released in 1969. The title was a humorous reference to the band's tactic of sending the new record to a Los Angeles FM radio station under a pseudonym. It was broadcast as long as the station did not know that "Pink Puzz" was Paul Revere and the Raiders. This album was slanted towards folk rock more than other albums released by this group. Songs such as "Thank You", "Down in Amsterdam", "Original Handyman" and "Louisiana Redbone" led the way towards the folk rock theme. "Freeborn Man" became a bluegrass staple for Jimmy Martin in 1969, and later a Southern rock favorite for the Outlaws, after they covered it on their 2nd album in 1976.


A single from this album, "Let Me", made the AM radio Top 40. Alias Pink Puzz charted higher than any Raiders album during the previous two years but retained that position for fewer weeks than any other Raiders album since 1965. The album charted as high as number 48 on Billboard in the United States. It charted as high as number 46 in Canada. This album was originally released on Columbia records, then released on Sundazed records in a CD format and was finally re-released on Raven records, again in CD format.

The Raiders were one of the many rock groups invited to the Woodstock concert but they turned down the invitation, the same as the Rascals and Tommy James since they did not realize the concert in a N.Y. upstate farm would become the concert of the decade.

Track listing

(side one)

  • "Let Me!" (Lindsay) —3:59
  • "Thank You" (Lindsay)—3:01
  • "Frankfort Side Street" (Lindsay)—3:02
  • "Hey Babro" —2:31
  • "Louisiana Redbone" Allison, Lindsay)—2:12
  • "Here Comes The Pain" (Allison, Lindsay)—3:14
  • (side two)

  • "The Original Handy Man" (Lindsay)—2:28
  • "I Need You" (Allison, Lindsay)— 2:02
  • "Down In Amsterdam"(Allison, Lindsay)— 3:58
  • "I Don't Know "(Lindsay)— 5:31
  • "Freeborn Man" (Allison, Lindsay)—3:35
  • History

    During this time period the group started a television program first named It’s Happening. Later the name became Happening '68, and then at the turn of the year to 'Happening 69. Because of the success of the single "Let Me", which was a hard rock song, and the album Alias Pink Puzz; the group did a European tour with The Beach Boys in the summer.


    1Let Me4:00
    2Thank You3:04
    3Frankfort Side Street3:05


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