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Alias Jimmy Valentine

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Director  Jack Conway
Story by  O. Henry
Country  United States
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama
Music director  William Axt
Alias Jimmy Valentine movie poster
Language  Silent English dialogue (part-talkie version)
Writer  A. P. Younger, Joseph Farnham
Release date  November 15, 1928 (1928-11-15) (United States)
Based on  "A Retrieved Reformation"  by O. Henry Alias Jimmy Valentine  by Paul Armstrong
Cast  William Haines (Jimmy Valentine), Lionel Barrymore (Doyle), Leila Hyams (Rose), Karl Dane (Swede), Tully Marshall (Avery), Howard C. Hickman (Mr. Lane (as Howard Hickman))
Genres  Silent film, Detective fiction, Black-and-white
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Alias jimmy valentine 1915

Alias Jimmy Valentine was a 1928 American crime drama film directed by Jack Conway, and starring William Haines, Leila Hyams, Lionel Barrymore, and Karl Dane. The film is based on the O. Henry story "A Retrieved Reformation", which was turned into the 1910 play Alias Jimmy Valentine by Paul Armstrong. The play toured in travelling production companies making it extremely popular. It was revived on Broadway in 1921.


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Released on November 15, 1928, the film was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's first partially talking film. It was completed as a silent film before Irving Thalberg sent back Lionel Barrymore and William Haines to repeat their performances for the last two reels with sound.

Alias Jimmy Valentine Alias Jimmy Valentine 1928

Two previous film versions were made in 1915 and in 1920 at the old Metro Studios with Bert Lytell. This film is now considered lost, with parts of the soundtrack surviving on Vitaphone disks.

Alias Jimmy Valentine ENGLISH FOR YOU FOR EVER JIMMY VALENTINE by O Henry An Analysis

1915 maurice tourneur alias jimmy valentine visual highlights


Alias Jimmy Valentine Alias Jimmy Valentine 1915 A Silent Film Review Movies Silently

Jimmy Valentine is the alias of an infamous safe cracker who has just been sentenced to prison for four years for his crimes. He does not stay locked up for long, though, as he is released after ten months. When he is released, he packs his state of the art, custom robbery tools and commits several more robberies. Ben Price, the detective who put him away the first time is called to the case, but although he knows it is Jimmy (because of the style the crimes were committed with) he cannot find him. Jimmy has actually fled and he is currently in the small town of Elmore, Arkansas, with plans to rob the local bank there.


However, he finds himself love struck by the banker's beautiful daughter, Annabel Adams, and begins to fall in love with her. In order to get such a beautiful girl, he decides to turn over a new leaf and give up his criminal career and take another alias, Ralph D. Spencer. "Ralph" opens a shoe-making store and is very successful in doing so. He even begins to like his new life, and easily wins Annabel's heart, becoming engaged to her. He writes a letter to an old friend, and tells him to meet him in Little Rock, where he will give him his robbery tools he doesn't need anymore. On the day of the exchange, however, the banker shows the town his new safe, that cannot be broken into. Annabel's nieces are amazed at the sheer size of it, and begin to walk in and out of it.

Alias Jimmy Valentine Alias Jimmy Valentine 1915 A Silent Film Review Movies Silently

Unfortunately, one accidentally shuts the door, locking the other inside. Everyone panics, as the banker has not set the combination yet, and Annabelle begs "Ralph" to do something. This is hard for Valentine, as Ben Price has also tracked him down, and watches to see his decision. As Jimmy has tried so hard to start over, he finds himself making a very difficult decision. However, he decides that there is only so much air in the safe, and if he does not take action, the terrified child may suffocate. Valentine pulls out his bag of tools and breaks the safe open in a matter of seconds, amazing the banker, and saving the child. (He ironically broke his own record in his haste.) Jimmy knows that since he has revealed his identity, he must leave. As he is leaving, he decides that he may as well go to prison and he surrenders to Ben. However, Ben, who knows that Valentine has truly changed, tells Jimmy he should go to Little Rock, and leaves, pretending that he never saw him.


  • William Haines as Jimmy Valentine
  • Lionel Barrymore as Doyle
  • Leila Hyams as Rose
  • Karl Dane as Swedeas
  • Tully Marshall as Avery
  • Howard C. Hickman as Mr. Lane
  • Billy Butts as Bobby
  • Evelyn Mills as Little Sister
  • Dolores Brinkman as Chorus girl
  • Johnny Hines as Bit part
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