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Alias French Gertie

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Screenplay  Wallace Smith
Language  English
Director  George Archainbaud
Music director  Roy Webb, Harry Ruby
Country  United States

Release date  April 11, 1930 (1930-04-11) (US)
Based on  The play, The Chatterbox  by Bayard Veiller
Cast  Bebe Daniels (Gertie Jones), Ben Lyon (Jimmy Hartigan), Robert Emmett OConnor (Detective Kelcey), Daisy Bel (Mrs Matson), John Ince (Mr William Matson)
Similar movies  Framed (1930), The Fall Guy (1930), Bebe Daniels appears in Alias French Gertie and The Maltese Falcon, Night Court (1932), Shooting Straight

Alias French Gertie is an American Pre-Code crime film directed by George Archainbaud, with a screenplay by Wallace Smith, based upon the unproduced play, The Chatterbox by Bayard Veiller. It starred Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon, who were making their first on-screen appearance together. A copy of this film survives in the Library of Congress.


Alias French Gertie movie scenes With leading man Ben Lyon in Alias French Gertie 1930


Alias French Gertie movie scenes How right or how wrong does it get when Gertrude Stein appears in the movies I had a second look at Woody Allen s Midnight in Paris and compared his

Marie is a jewel thief; posing as French maid, she has cased out the safe of her employer and intends to steal its contents. However, the night she chooses for the robbery, there is another thief who also shows up to empty the safe, Jimmy. Jimmy opens the safe, and the two agree to split the contents fifty-fifty. They are interrupted by the arrival of the police. Jimmy gallantly secretes Marie away, and takes the rap himself, impressing her.

After serving his year's sentence, Jimmy is reunited with Marie, who now goes by the alias of Gertie, and the two form a partnership in crime. After several bank robberies, Marie and Jimmy agree that after one last haul, they will go straight. Marie, who has become friends with the next-door neighbors in her apartment building, Mr. and Mrs. Matson, who entice Jimmy to invest his $30,000 savings in Matson's business. Unfortunately, the Matsons turn out to be crooks themselves, and have swindled Jimmy out of his life's savings.

When Jimmy determines to go back to safecracking, beginning with Marie's former employers, Marie hatches a plot to encourage him to go straight. When a good-hearted detective, Kelcey, lets them off the hook with the promise that they will go straight, they agree.


  • Bebe Daniels as Marie
  • Ben Lyon as Jimmy
  • Robert Emmett O'Connor as Kelcey
  • John Ince as Mr. Matson
  • Daisy Belmore as Mrs. Matson
  • Betty Pierce as Nellie
  • Nella Walker as Morton's Wife
  • Reception

    The New York Times critic, Mordaunt Hall, gave the film a lukewarm review, praising the acting of Bebe Daniels, while not being as kind to Ben Lyon. Overall, he said the film, "... has not been handled with the subtlety and smoothness it deserves. Nevertheless, up to a certain point, it is a production that holds the interest, but what should have been the main idea is sacrificed for a more obvious turn of events."


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