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Ali Montazeri

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Ali Montazeri (born Ali Montazeri Moghaddam, born September 2, 1958) is an Iranian public health scientist at the Health Metrics Research Center of the Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research.


He is editor-in-chief of two Iranian health journals: Payesh Health Monitor (the journal of Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research) and the International Journal of Public Health and Sustainable Development (a publication of the Iranian Applied Research Center for Public Health and Sustainable Development).


Montazeri received his PhD from University of Glasgow; his thesis concerned the epidemiology of lung cancer, and was jointly supervised by Charles Gillis and James McEwen.


Montazeri published a paper in 2004 that found that knowledge of cancer diagnosis does change how a person fills out a questionnaire about his or her quality of life. In a 2012 book chapter, he proposed that research be conducted to see how quality of life in people with cancer is affected by the way a cancer diagnosis is disclosed and how the person's level of education affects quality of life.

He also published papers in 2002, 2003, and 2015 about the epidemiology of breast cancer and breast cancer preventive behaviors such as breast self-examination

In 2008, he published a review of the literature on quality of life in people with breast cancer.


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