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Ali Baba (1940 film)

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Music director  Anil Biswas
Country  India
Director  Mehboob Khan
Language  Hindi
Booklet of Mehboob Khans Ali baba 1940 Starring Surendra
Release date  1940
Screenplay  Zia Sarhadi, Babubhai Mehta
Cast  Ghulam Mohammed, Sardar Akhtar (Ali Baba ), Surendra, Jagdish Kupal, Amirjaan
Related Mehboob Khan movies  Mother India (1957), Anil Biswas composed the music for Ali Baba and Aurat, Ghulam Mohammed and Surendra appear in Ali Baba and Anmol Ghadi, Son of India (1962), Ghulam Mohammed appears in Ali Baba and composed the music for Aan

Surendra waheedan bai film ali baba 1940 haan dilka saaz bajaaye ja first time rarest gem

Alibaba is a 1940 Urdu/Hindi fantasy film directed by Mehboob Khan for Sagar Movietone. The music director was Anil Biswas with lyrics written by Safdar Aah. The film was a bilingual, made in Punjabi language as Alibaba at the same time. It starred Surendra, Sardar Akhtar, Ghulam Mohammed and Wahidan Bai.


In this Arabian Nights fantasy Alibaba, Surendra played the title role and also appeared in the role of Alibaba’s son. Sardar Akhtar who went on to marry Mehboob Khan was not a well-known actress at this time. She was given the starring role while Wahidan Bai, mother of the actress Nimmi played the second female lead.

Looney tunes porky pig ali baba bound 1940 original in b w


Alibaba and his son live with his rich brother Cassim. Marjina and Zabba are two slave girls who work in Cassim’s house. Marjina and Alibaba’s son are in love with each other. Zabba is in league with Abu Hassan, who is the leader of a gang of thieves. Alibaba finds the thieves’ cave and becomes rich. Cassim’s wife insists on knowing the secret of his wealth. Alibaba tells his brother who goes to the cave but can’t get out as he’s forgotten the magic words. The thieves find him and kill him. Alibaba and his son find Cassim and bring his body back for burial. Abu Hassan finds out about Alibaba, and the story then follows Marjina outsmarting Abu Hassan who comes visiting as a merchant.


  • Surendra
  • Sardar Akhtar
  • Wahidan Bai
  • Ghulam Mohammed
  • Shetty
  • Jagdish Kupal
  • Ishrat Jaan
  • Amirjaan
  • Production

    The first shot for Alibaba was taken at the same studio (Imperial), where Mehboob Khan had started his career as one of the forty thieves in a vat, Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor (1929). He remained unseen in the vat for the entire length of his debut role. This was the remake of the same film. Alibaba was shot at night as it was the fasting month of Ramzan. It was during the shooting of this film that Mehboob Khan and Sardar Akhtar got together and later married. The film was the last film Khan made for Sagar Movietone as he soon moved on to form Mehboob Productions.


    The film had music by Anil Biswas with lyrics written by Aah Sitapuri. The singers are Surendra, Wahidan Bai and Anil Biswas.


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