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Algo pequeñito

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Released  13 April 2010
Recorded  2010
Length  2:59
Format  Digital download
Genre  Pop, waltz
Label  Warner Music Spain
Algo pequeñito

"Algo pequeñito" ([ˈalɣo pekeˈɲito], "Something Tiny") is a song performed by Daniel Diges and composed by Jesús Cañadilla with the collaboration of Luis Miguel de la Varga, Alberto Jodar and Daniel Diges himself, which represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. The song, which is based on the classic waltz rhythm, was the winner of the Spanish national final Eurovisión: Destino Oslo, held on 22 February. It is the first single released from his self-titled album Daniel Diges.



"Algo pequeñito" is the second song ever written by its author, Jesús Cañadilla, a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. He had previously written the song "Sumando puntos" to submit it to the Spanish Eurovision preselection of 2009, sung by himself under the stage name Bayarte. Once he had written the song "Algo pequeñito" he contacted several potential performers without luck. He eventually contacted actor Daniel Diges through a friend and he liked the song. On 5 January 2010, seven days before the closing date for submissions for the Spanish Eurovision national final, Daniel Diges flew from Tenerife, where he was on tour with the musical Mamma Mia!, to Madrid to record the song. Alejandro de Pinedo took charge of the musical production.


Once the song was chosen as the Spanish Eurovision entry, a mastered version was made public on March 11, 2010. In the mastered version, computer sounds were replaced by real instruments and Daniel gave the song a more rock influence with his vocal performance, mirroring his live performance at the Spanish national final. On 13 April 2010 the song was made available for digital download on iTunes.

Daniel Diges' first album, self-titled Daniel Diges, includes the mastered Eurovision version of the song and an alternative swing-jazz version.

Eurovision 2010

The song automatically qualified for the final of the contest on 29 May 2010. It finished 15th with 68 points.

The performance at the finals was disturbed as a known stunt-man named Jaume Marquet Cot (better known as Jimmy Jump) stormed the stage during Diges' performance. In accordance with the rules he was allowed to perform again after the last song.

Music video

During the second weekend of March 2010 (12–14 March), a music video for "Algo pequeñito" was shot by director Santiago Tabernero at outdoor and indoor locations in Madrid. The video, released on 19 March, is set in an abandoned circus that comes back to life with the song, and depicts Daniel Diges as the circus master.


In 2011, Anne-Marie David, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1973, covered the song with most lyrics in French.


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