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Alfonso Brescia

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Full Name
Alfonso Brescia

Film director

Alfonso Brescia

June 5, 2001, Rome, Italy

Alfonso Brescia Alfonso Brescia Tomb It May Concern

6 January 1930 (

Cosmos: War of the Planets, War of the Robots, Star Odyssey, Super Stooges vs the Wond, Zappatore

Similar People
Mario Merola, Adolfo Celi, Peter Lee Lawrence, Yanti Somer, Sirpa Lane

Other names
Al Bradley, Al Bradly

Alfonso brescia et son recyclage de l espace

Alfonso Brescia (6 January 1930 – 6 June 2001) was an Italian film director of low-budget films, sometimes credited as Al Bradley or Al Bradly. Film buffs mainly know him for the four low-budget sci-fi films he hurriedly directed in 1978 to capitalize on the success of Star Wars.....Cosmos War of the Planets, Battle in Interstellar Space, War of the Robots and Star Odyssey. (His movie The Beast in Space (1980) was an adult sci-fi film, and was not part of his 1978 space series). Horror film fans know him for his 1972 giallo Naked Girl Killed in the Park.


Brescia directed Ator 3: Iron Warrior in 1986 without the series' originator Joe D'Amato's permission, and D'Amato later said that he didn't consider that film part of the Ator series.

Selected filmography

  • The Magnificent Gladiator (1964) peplum starring Mark Forest
  • Revolt of the Praetorians (1964) a.k.a. "The Invincible Warriors", peplum starring Richard Harrison
  • Days of violence (1967) spaghetti western never released in the USA
  • Killer Caliber .32 (1967) spaghetti western
  • Kill Rommell! (1969) war movie
  • Naked Girl Killed in the Park (1972) giallo
  • Battle of the Amazons (1973) a.k.a. "Amazons: Women of Love and War"/ "Le Amazzoni - Donne d'amore e di guerra"
  • White Fang and the Hunter (1974) a sequel to Lucio Fulci's Zanna Bianca
  • Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women (1974)
  • L'adolescente (1976) sexy comedy
  • Cosmos: War of the Planets (1978) Italian: Anno zero - Guerra nello spazio (Year Zero: War in Space); a.k.a. War of the Planets, a.k.a. Cosmo 2000, a.k.a. Cosmo: Planet Without a Name
  • Battle of the Stars (1978) Italian: Battaglie negli spazi stellari (Battle in Interstellar Space)
  • War of the Robots (1978) Italian: La guerra dei robot; a.k.a. Reactor
  • Star Odyssey (1978) Italian: Sette uomini d'oro nello spazio (Seven Gold Men in Space); a.k.a. Metallica, a.k.a. Captive Planet, a.k.a. Space Odyssey (released in 1979)
  • Zappatore (1980) drama starring Mario Merola
  • The Beast in Space (1980) adult sci-fi, not related to his 1978 science fiction series
  • Iron Warrior (1986) a.k.a. Ator 3: Iron Warrior, stars Miles O'Keefe
  • Homicide in Blue Light (1991) crime drama starring David Hess as a cop
  • (*Note: imdb confuses the alternate titles of Cosmos with Battle of the Stars, using them interchangeably as if they were the same movie. But they are two completely different films.)


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