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Alexandra Solnado

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Name  Alexandra Solnado
Role  Writer

Spouse  Thiago Justino
Siblings  Renato Solnado
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Books  The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer
Children  Joana Solnado, Gabriel Justino
Parents  Joselita Alvarenga, Raul Solnado
Grandparents  Virginia Augusta de Almeida, Bernardino Solnado
Similar People  Raul Solnado, Joana Solnado, Mikkel Solnado, Thiago Justino, Ana Bustorff

Alexandra solnado author of the book of light

Alexandra de Alvarenga Solnado is a Portuguese writer, who has published several books about spirituality. She has also worked as an actress and singer. Currently she is the director of the project Therapy for the Soul.


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Medita o limparte


Alexandra Solnado is the daughter of Raul Solnado and Joselita Alvarenga. She has a daughter, Joana and a son, Gabriel. She has lived in Portugal and Brasil. As an actress, she participated in the movies Há Petróleo no Beato (1986) and Lisboa, Tejo e Tudo (1993).

Around the year 2000, Alexandra Solnado went through an extremely distressful ordeal with her daughter´s serious and unexplained illness. At one point Alexandra thought her daughter had died. Alexandra suffered a radical inner change. Her daughter survived, but from that moment onwards, Alexandra began studying karmic astrology (something she had dreamed of doing) and she began giving her therapies on Spiritual Cleansing and Connection to the Higher Self. Alexandra Solnado claimed she saw Jesus Christ in her meditations for the first time in 2002. According to her Jesus then started to dictate his messages and teachings to her on a regular basis and she published them in her books.

Presently Alexandra Solnado is an international spiritual healer, a beloved spiritual teacher and one of Portugal's bestselling authors. Nearly a quarter of a million people have embraced her work, attracted by the depth of her spiritual wisdom, the power of her spiritual therapies, and the high level energy that she accesses. Her major bestseller “The Book of Light” has won two second places in the largest and most important Latino book awards in the USA - the “14th Annual International Latino Book Awards”, and it is published in Spain, Latin America, Canada and Japan. Alexandra Solnado, the author of several bestsellers, has recently published her first novel “Haven´t Seen You in a Thousand Years”, a love story of past lives. Besides devoting herself to writing, Alexandra Solnado is also an acclaimed and distinguished spiritual therapist.

Currently, she is the director of the project Therapy for the Soul, which includes several therapists, giving courses on personal spiritual development and a series of spiritual therapies.

Published books

A Entrega, Editorial Angelorum, 2003 (segunda edição: Pergaminho, 2005)
Translated title: Deliverance

A Lógica do Céu e a Lógica da Terra, Editorial Angelorum, 2004 (segunda edição: Pergaminho, 2007)
Translated title: The Logic of Heaven vs The Logic of The Earth

O Eu Superior e Outras Lições de Vida, “Editorial Angelorum, 2004 (inclui CD)
Translated title: My Higher Self and Other Lessons on Life (Includes CD)

A Era da Liberdade, Pergaminho, 2005
Translated title: The Age of Freedom

A Minha Limpeza Espiritual, Pergaminho, 2005 (inclui CD)
Translated title: My Spiritual Cleansing (Includes CD)

A Alma Iluminada, Pergaminho, 2006
Translated title: The Enlightened Soul

O Livro da Luz, Pergaminho, 2007 (reúne os títulos Luz, Mais Luz e Muito Mais Luz)
Translated title: The Book of Light, Atria Books, 2011 (trilogy that brings together the books Light, More Light and Even More Light)

CD Luz, Pergaminho, 2008 (inclui CD)
Translated title: CD Light (Includes CD)

Voo Sensitivo, A História de Um Mergulho Espiritual, Pergaminho, 2010
Translated title: Sensitive Flight, The Story of a Spiritual Diving

Bom Karma – O Melhor das Vidas, Pergaminho, 2012
Translated title: Good Karma – The Best of Lives

Há Mil Anos Que Não Te Via, Pergaminho, 2014 (Romance)
Translated title: Haven´t Seen You in a Thousand Years (Novel)


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