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Alexander Kovarski

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Nationality  Russian
Name  Alexander Kovarski
Fields  Physicist, Chemistry

Alexander Kovarski

Born  Alexander L’vovich Kovarski 2 July 1944 Moscow, USSR (1944-07-02)
Institutions  Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology, Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics
Alma mater  Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology
Books  Update on Paramagnetic Sensors for Polymers and Composites Research

Alexander L’vovich Kovarski - Russian physical chemist, Dr. Sci., professor, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation (2011), member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2002), member of American Chemical Society (2010). Alexander L. Kovarski is acknowledged by the world scientific community researcher enriched the science of materials with new fundamental knowledge. Main research area is physical chemistry of polymers and composites, magnetic resonance of free radicals and nano-sized systems.


Principal scientific achievements

  • A.L. Kovarski belonged to the group of researchers first used paramagnetic particles – stable nitroxide radicals as molecular sensors of structural and dynamic information of polymers (1966). This development formed the basis of a new effective method found wide application in material science and was named later “method of paramagnetic (or spin) probes and labels”.
  • A.L. Kovarski conducted extensive research of the regularities of the dynamics of low-molecular weight additives in macromolecular substances that were presented in the fundamental monograph.
  • Using high pressure technique A.L. Kovarski ascertained the role of free volume and molecular mobility of solid media on the rate of chemical reactions, and justified molecular-dynamic concept of reactivity of polymer materials.
  • He established a mechanism of relaxation processes in vitrificated liquids and polymers (so called “α” and “β” processes) using electro physical techniques under high pressure.
  • Using the original method of localization of paramagnetic particles on the surface of inorganic fillers studied by electron paramagnetic resonance micro-rheological properties of interfacial layers in polymer composites.
  • Under the leadership of A.L. Kovarski new methods for the research of magnetic nanoparticles aggregation in dispersions and macromolecular adsorption on nanoparticles surface have been developed using ferromagnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance. These approaches are extremely informative when analyzing the coatings on magnetic particles used in medicine and in composites.
  • Biography

    Alexander L’vovich Kovarski was born in Moscow on July 2, 1944 in a family of scientists which have made a significant contribution to Russian plastic science and technology. The father, L.V. Pevzner (1904–1988) was among organizers of the first Russian plastics center which devised and promoted to industry new materials showed the resistance to corrosion, oil, water, acids and alkali. The mother, Professor B.M. Kovarskaya (1912–2006), for a long period headed the first laboratory on plastics ageing and stabilization in Russian chemical industry. Alexander L. Kovarski started an intensive research work in 1964 being the undergraduate of Moscow D. Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology (RChTU). His first investigations were concerned with the problems of chain length maximization in synthesis of some acrylic monomers. In 1966, after graduation from the organic faculty of RChTU, Alexander L. Kovarski was admitted to the Institute of Chemical Physics headed at that time by the Nobel Prize winner N.N. Semenov. He had the luck to enter the division headed by outstanding scientist, Professor N.M. Emanuel. There he enthusiastically joined the advanced trends in physical chemistry which were developing by Professors M.B. Neiman and A.L. Buchachenko. Alexander L. Kovarski was awarded PhD degree in 1972 for the development of spin probe technique applications to polymer research. In 1989 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Molecular Dynamics and Radical Reactions in Polymers under High Pressures”. From 1995 to 2010 Alexander L. Kovarski taught a course in physical chemistry of polymers in the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technology University. Since 2005 he heads the center for magnetic spectroscopy in Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics of Russian Academy of Science (Moscow). Alexander L. Kovarski is the author of 5 monographs, 28 book chapters and reviews, 5 textbooks for students, about 150 articles and 3 patents. In 2004 he was awarded V.I. Vernadski medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. The interests of Professor Alexander L. Kovarski are not limited only to scientific research. He also is fond of ancient history, engaged in painting. He is the author of a science popular book «Heroes of the old Testament» (Publ. N. Bochkareva, Kaluga, 2000; «Kohelet», Moscow, 2001). In 1997 he was admitted to the International Academy of Creative Endeavors.


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