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Alexander G Petrov

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Name  Alexander Petrov

Fields  Physics
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Born  Alexander Georgiev Petrov May 27, 1948 (1948-05-27)
Institutions  Institute of Solid State Physics

Alexander Georgiev Petrov (Bulgarian: Александър Георгиев Петров) is a Bulgarian professor in physics. He is a Fellow of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.



The main area of his research is soft matter physics (liquid crystals, biophysics, biomolecular electronics and nanophysics). He works in the Institute of Solid State Physics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Soft matter physics as a scientific subject belongs to condensed-matter physics and deals with thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals, biological liquid crystal structures like membranes, and living matter physics in general.


Petrov has investigated theoretically and experimentally dielectic, elastic, flexoelectric and surface properties of nematic liquid crystals with different types of molecular asymmetry. This achievement has applications in liquid-crystal optoelectronics. In the living matter physics he created the knowledge of bioflexoelectricity, including a new theoretical model for description of the elasticity and flexoelectricity of biological membranes from the general molecular asymmetry point of view.

He has discovered gradient flexoelectric effect in nematic liquid crystals under the action of inhomogeneous electric fields (1971 - 1974); flexoelectric oscillations in nematic liquid crystals (1975 - 1979); direct flexoeffect in biological membrane with ion channels (1988 - 1993); helielectricity in chiral lyotropic lipid phases (aqueous and nonaqueous) (1988 – 1989); converse flexoeffect of bilayer lipid membranes (1993); photoflexoeffect in photo-active membranes (1992 - 1994).

Professional experience

  • Director of the Institute of Solid State Physics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (since 1999 up to now)
  • Head of Biomolecular Layers Laboratory, ISSP-BAS (1991-2008)
  • Petrov is a Head of Soft Matter Physics Division of ISSP-BAS (since 2006 up to now).
  • Awards

    Petrov has been awarded the Freedericksz Medal for outstanding contributions in the field of liquid crystal physics by the Russian Liquid Crystal Society (2004), the Outstanding Contribution to Science Annual Award of the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria (Scientist of the year 2007) and the Marin Drinov Sign of Honour of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on a ribbon (2008).


    A.G.Petrov was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (27 May 1948). He has a master's degree in atomic physics from the Sofia University (1970) and Ph.D. on liquid crystals from the Institute of Solid State Physics (1974). He has received a Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.) degree in 1987, a full Professorship in 1990 and has been elected a Fellow of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2003.


    The Lyotropic State of Matter. Molecular Physics and Living Matter Physics, A.G. Petrov, Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, L.-N.J. (1999), 549 pp.

    Selected papers

  • А. G. Petrov, Y. G. Marinov, H. P. Hinov, L. Todorova, M. Dencheva-Zarkova, S. Sridevi, P. M. Rafailov, U. Dettlaff-Weglikowska, Observation of Flexoelectricity in a Mixture of Carbon Single Walled Nanotubes with a Nematic Liquid Crystal, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 545, no.1, pp. 58/[1282]-66/[1290] (2011).
  • Alexander G.Petrov, Y. G. Marinov, G.B.Hadjichristov, S. Sridevi, Uma S. Hiremath, C.V. Yelamaggad, and S. Krishna Prasad, New Photoactive Guest-Host Nematics Showing Photoflexoelectricity, Mol.Cryst.Liq.Cryst. 544, no.1, pp 3/[991]-13/[1001] (2011).
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  • А. Г. Петров, Молекулна физика и биофизични аспекти на лиотропното течнокристално състояние на веществото, DSc thesis (1987)
  • А. Г. Петров, Електрическа поляризация на нематичните течни кристали: диелектрични и флексоелектрични свойства, PhD thesis, (1974)
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