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Alexander Aizenshtat

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Alexander Aizenshtat


Alexander Aizenshtat Alexander Aizenshtat Works on Sale at Auction Biography

2 December 1951 (
Moscow, Russia

Paintings alexander aizenshtat

Alexander Aizenshtat (born in 1951, Moscow) is a Russian-French artist.


Alexander Aizenshtat Alexander Aizenshtat Works on Sale at Auction Biography

Alexander Aizenshtat was born and grew up in Moscow. He studied painting at the end of the 1960s in the studio of the artist S.P.Skulsky. He emigrated to Israel in 1974 and continued there his activities during the army service and in kibbutz. After his release from the army he started to approach closer and closer to the Torah, firstly in religious centres of Israel and after that in a Europe. He was living in Paris and Zurich, and in the middle of the 1980s his family moved to Jerusalem. He is coming to Moscow regularly as the leader of the Centre of Torah Studies starting from 1989.

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Works of Aizenshtat were exhibited in privet houses in London, Paris, New York, Antwerpn, Zurich in late 80s, also in Svetlana Sazhina's Gallery, Russian State Humanitarian University (RSHU), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and "Triumph Gallery".

Some of his paintings are placed in the MMOMA's funds. In 2011 his works were presented in Gallery on Chistiye Prudi.

On 15 March The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art held an exhibition of Alexander Aizenshtats works

On 2-3 August A.Aizenshtat had an exhibition in the Museum of Bulgakov, in Moscow.

On 2 November A.Aizenshtat had an exhibition in the Tretyakov State Gallery, in Moscow.

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A.Aizenshtat maintains good communication with many famous galleries, which include such as the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, MMMA, Tretyakov Gallery and famous people art sphere, such as the president of the Pushkin Museum, Msr. Irina Antonova, director of the Tretyakov Gallery, Zelfira Ismailovna Tregulova and others. January 10, 2016, as part of a CER dinner, Mikhail Fridman together with the London Jewish community presented a series of lithographs "Jewish Family" of A. Aizenshtat to the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.


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