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Alejandro Gaviria Uribe

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Preceded by  Beatriz Londono Soto
Name  Alejandro Uribe
Citizenship  Colombian
President  Alvaro Uribe Velez

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe Alejandro Gaviria Uribe

President  Juan Manuel Santos Calderon
Succeeded by  Jose Leibovich Goldenberg
Education  University of California, San Diego
Books  Is Geography Destiny?

Preceded by  Tomas Gonzalez Estrada

Alejandro gaviria uribe ministro de salud

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe (born 1965) is the 3rd and current Minister of Health and Social Protection of Colombia. A former Dean of the School of Economics at the University of the Andes from 2006 to his appointment as Minister in 2012, he has previously served as Deputy Director of the National Planning Department of Colombia, and has worked as Researcher and eventually Deputy Director of the Foundation for the Higher Education and Development (Fedesarrollo), a private non-profit policy research centre based in Bogotá, as well as Researcher for the Inter-American Development Bank.


Alejandro Gaviria Uribe fotoalejandrogaviriajpg

Intervencion del ministro alejandro gaviria uribe durante el 5 congreso de acoes

Minister of Health and Social Protection

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe Minister

On 30 August 2012 President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón announced the designation of Gaviria as Minister of Health and Social Protection of Colombia. Gaviria was sworn in on 3 September 2012 succeeding Beatriz Londoño Soto.

Personal life

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe Entrevista a Alejandro Gaviria Uribe Foco Econmico

Gaviria was born in 1966 in Santiago, Chile, to Juan Felipe Gaviria Gutiérrez and Cecilia Uribe Flórez. He is married to Carolina Soto Losada, the current High Presidential Counsellor for Government, Private Sector and Competitiveness of Colombia. He has two children, Mariana Gaviria and Tomas Gaviria. On september 6, it was announced he was being treated for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Selected works

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe Alejandro Gaviria sera el nuevo ministro de Salud Actualidad W
  • Londoño de la Cuesta, Juan Luis; Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro; Guerrero, Rodrigo, eds. (2000). Asalto al Desarrollo: Violencia en América Latina (in Spanish). Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank. ISBN 9781886938861. OCLC 45762414. 
  • Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro; Zapata Giraldo, Juan Gonzalo; González Velosa, Adriana (2002). Petróleo y Región: El Caso de Casanare. Cuadernos de Fedesarrollo, 8 (in Spanish). Bogotá: Fedesarrollo. ISBN 9789586823630. OCLC 318238438. 
  • Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro (2002). Los Que Suben y Los Que Bajan: Educación y Movilidad Social en Colombia. Economía colombiana (in Spanish). Bogotá: Alfaomega Colombiana. ISBN 9789586823920. OCLC 53006782. 
  • Behrman, Jere R; Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro; Székely, Miguel, eds. (2003). Who's In and Who's Out: Social Exclusion in Latin America. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank. ISBN 9781931003421. OCLC 60704979. 
  • Gallup, John Luke; Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro; Lora, Eduardo (2003). Is Geography Destiny? Lessons from Latin America. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press. ISBN 9780585479576. OCLC 270787572. 
  • Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro (2005). Del Romanticismo al Realismo Social y Otros Ensayos. Colección Vitral (in Spanish). Bogotá: Grupo Editorial Norma. ISBN 9789580488408. OCLC 69953037. 
  • Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro (2008). Uribenomics y Otras Paradojas. Colección Vitral (in Spanish). Bogotá: Grupo Editorial Norma. ISBN 9789584507624. OCLC 263313360. 
  • Gaviria Uribe, Alejandro; Mejía Londoño, Daniel, eds. (2011). Políticas Antidroga en Colombia: Éxitos, Fracasos y Extravíos (in Spanish). Bogotá: University of the Andes. ISBN 9789586956024. OCLC 739120420. 

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