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Alcides Greca

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Name  Alcides Greca
Movies  The Last Indian Attack
Role  Journalist
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Alcides Greca (February 13, 1889 in San Javier, Saint Faith, Argentina – April 16, 1956 in Rosario, Saint Faith, Argentina) was a lawyer, journalist, cineasta, jurist, teacher, writer and Argentinian politician, that directed the film The last malon of 1917 and defended the native cause in Saint Faith, in addition to being socialist, radical and adherent of the university reform.


Vasculitis by dr alcides greca

First years

Alceides Was born as a second son of the marriage of don Francisco Greca and of donya Magdalena Trucco, immigrant of Italian and French origin, the February 13, 1889, in the town of San Javier, Saint Faith. It Would be part of a numerous family, composed by eleven brothers more: Silvio, Erminda, Francisco, Alejandro, Teodora, Magdalena, Ana, Mercedes, Maria Isabel, Clorinda and Gilds.

To the same city receive his first education, and has as a companions to the native mocovies, which thing later influenced in his works. For the secondary level moves to the city of Saint Faith, in Inmaculada's School Concepcion of the jesuites, and finishes the secondary in the National School Simon of Iriondo, being egressat of the first promotion of students.

Starts of his literary and journalistic career

Later it travels to the Silver, Buenos Aires, to study advocacia, and writes his first lines of the Evangeli Rebellious, Laurels of the Marsh, and Black Tears. Being missing a lot little to receive, abandons his career to be elect deputy for his department in 1912.

In 1907, it decides to begin his journalistic career, and founds his first periodic The Mocovi, to San Javier. Next, Alcides would found the periodic The Pure Truth, The Paladin north and The Word (antecedent of the current The Litorial), in 1912, 1914 and 1915 respectively. These last two would be established to the city of Saint Faith. Besides, colaboriaria with the newspaper Rosario's The Capital and the magazine of Juridical and Social Sciences of University of the Seaboard.

In the meantime, in 1909, public his first book, Words of Quarrel. Later, it finishes Symphony of the Sky, a series of hymns in prose, and Black Tears, a history of madness and pain, the year 1910. And in 1915 public Laurels of the Marsh and The Evangeli Rebellious.

The last malon

It is reelecto provincial deputy in 1916, and in 1917 films The last malon, feel east the first llargmetratge Argentinian in 35 millimeters that films to the interior of the country. In the same recreates the last native rebellion become in territory santafesino, fruit of the pursuit to the aborigine since the Law of Territories of 1884. It bases in the facts succeits in the month April 1904. This film is produced in Rosario, for Greca Film Cinematographic Company Rosarina, in Av. Pellegrini To the 1655. Also it finishes his studies by right in The Silver.

In 1920 it contracts matrimonico with Rosa Pierri, known how Roxana. This same year is elect senator, and deputy constituent for the reform of the Provincial Constitution. In 1921 nace the only son of the couple, Alcibiades Alejandro Greca.

It is appointed headline by right Administrative and Municipal Right Compared, in the Faculty of Juridical and Social Sciences of the University of the Seaboard, where would dictate chair for 27 years, comenzando the July 5, 1921. For these years realises some voyages for the interior of the country, and in 1923 visit Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay, beside the brothers Angel and Alfredo Guido. Two years next would be elect national deputy for the second time.

Already in 1927 it begins to publicar several books. The first novel publicada would be in this year, North Wind, that deserved elogiosos trials of the national and foreign press. In 1929 it appears The Tower of the English, which contains chronic of the voyages realised the year 1923, and in 1932 public Tales of the Committee.

It Would be reelecto national deputy in 1930, but can not finalise his mandate because of the coup d'etat of the general Uriburu, and the December 9, 1933 is detained and brought to the island Martin Garcia, because of different motivos political. After going out of her, public After the alambrado of Martin Garcia.

In Chile, Alcides public The Pampa Gringa, being the protagonist of this novel the south santafesino, in 1936, and, already in Saint Faith, public spiritual Tragedy of the Argentinians that today are 20 years old, as an edition of the UNL.

His last years

With his esposa, travel for Europe the year 1951, but have to go back before for a granddaughter's demise. In 1954, jubila as a university teacher, buys a chacra and moves to the city of Oliveros, where devotes to cultivate his horta and garden.

Later, it would be him diagnosed pancreatitis, and is moved urgently to Rosario's a hospital, but the April 16, 1956 dies in a room of the Italian Hospital.

Narrative works

  • Word of Quarrel (1909)
  • Symphony of the Sky (1910)
  • Black tears (1910)
  • The Evangeli Rebellious (1915)
  • Laurels of the Marsh (1915)
  • North wind (1927)
  • The Tower of the English (1929)
  • Tales of the Committee (1931)
  • After the alambrado of Martin Garcia (1934)
  • The Pampa Gringa (1936)
  • Films

  • The last malon (1917)
  • Social scientific works

  • Influence of the technical in the evolution of the right and of the State
  • Problems of the Urbanisme in the Argentinian Republic
  • The diet of the public services in the municipal organic law
  • The diet of the public bidding
  • The privilege of the public agreements
  • The system of the mixed economy in the realisation of the public services
  • One New Capital for the Nation Argentina (1950)
  • References

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