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Alan M Kent

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Name  Alan Kent

Role  Poet
Alan M. Kent httpscornishlitfileswordpresscom201310pho
Books  The Theatre of Cornwall, Voog's Ocean, Celtic Cornwall: Penwith, Electric Pastyland, The Cult of Relics: Devocyo

Voog s ocean by alan m kent

Alan M. Kent (born 1967, St Austell, Cornwall) is a Cornish poet, dramatist, novelist, editor, academic and teacher. He is the author of a number of works on Cornish and Anglo-Cornish literature. Alan can be heard reading his poem 'Abandoning Blackpool' at the Rescorla Festival (2008).



In August 1997 The Times reported that poems by Kent had copied from the Scottish Gaelic language poet Derick Thomson. Kent had apparently copied a number of poems and just changed the names of places and people, locating them in Cornwall, instead of Scotland.

Academic work

  • Kent, A.M., 1996, ‘“Art Thou of Cornish Crew?”: Shakespeare, Henry V and Cornish Identity’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Four, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 7-25. ISBN 0859895238
  • Kent, A.M., 1998, Wives, Mothers and Sisters: Feminism, Literature and Women Writers in Cornwall, Penzance, The Patten Press in association with The Hypatia Trust. ISBN 9781872229331
  • Kent, A.M., 1999, ‘“At the Far End of England…”: Construction of Cornwall in Children’s Literature’, in Whetter J.C.A., ed., An Baner Kernewek / The Cornish Banner, No. 98, Gorran Haven, Lyfrow Trelyspen Publications.
  • Kent, A.M., 2000, The Literature of Cornwall: Continuity, Identity, Difference 1000-2000, Bristol, Redcliffe. ISBN 1900178281
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  • Kent, A.M., 2003, ‘Screening Kernow: Authenticity, Heritage and the Representation of Cornwall in Film and Television’, 1913-2003, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Eleven, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 110-141. ISBN 0859897478
  • Kent, A.M., 2004, ‘“Drill Cores”: A Newly-Found Manuscript of Cousin Jack Narratives from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Twelve, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 106-143. ISBN 0859897567
  • Kent, A.M., 2004, ‘Song of Our Motherland’: Making Meaning of the Life and Work of Katherine Lee Jenner 1853-1936, in Williams D.R., Henry and Katherine Jenner: A Celebration of Cornwall’s Culture, Language and Identity, London, Francis Boutle Publishers.
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  • Kent, A.M., 2006, ‘“Bringin’ the Dunkey Down from the Carn”: Cornu-English in Context 1549-2005 – A Provisional Analysis’, in Tristram H.L.C., The Celtic Englishes III: The Interface between English and the Celtic Languages, Potsdam, Potsdam University Press.
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  • Kent, A.M., 2007, ‘Alex Parks, Punks and Pipers: Towards a History of Popular Music in Cornwall 1967-2007’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Fifteen, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 209-247. ISBN 9780859898089
  • Kent, A.M., 2009, ‘Mending the gap in the Medieval, Modern and Post-modern in New Cornish Studies: ‘Celtic’ materialism and the potential of presentism’, in Payton P., Cornish Studies Twenty, Exeter, Exeter University Press, pp. 13-31. ISBN 9780859898744
  • Kent, A.M., 2009, ‘A Sustainable Literature? Ecocriticism, Environment and a New Eden in Cornwall’s China-Clay Mining Region’, in Payton P., Cornish Studies Seventeen, Exeter, Exeter University Press, pp. 51-79. ISBN 9780859898492
  • Kent, A.M., 2010, The Theatre of Cornwall: Space, Place and Performance, Bristol, Redcliffe/Westcliffe Books. ISBN 9781904537991
  • Kent, A.M., 2012, From Igraine Ingrained to Callin’ ‘ome Mouzel: Two Paradigms of Memory, Language and Literature in Cornwall, in Tregidga G., Memory, Place and Identity: The Cultural Landscapes of Cornwall, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427736
  • Beard A,. Kent, A.M., 2012, AQA English Literature B AS Second Edition, Cheltenham, Nelson Thornes Ltd. ISBN 9781408515334
  • Kent, A.M., Staunton M,. 2013, Towards a Cornish Philosophy: Values, Thought, and Language for the West Britons in the Twenty-First Century, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. ISBN 9781782010456
  • Editorial work

  • Kent, A.M., Saunders T,. eds. and trs., 2000, Looking at the Mermaid: A Reader in Cornish Literature 900-1900, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427019
  • Hale A., Kent, A.M., Saunders T,. eds., 2000, Inside Merlin’s Cave: a Cornish Arthurian Reader, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 978190342704 0
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  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2009, Charles Valentine Le Grice: Cornwall’s ‘Lost’ Romantic Poet, Selected Poems, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795155
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  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2013, Charles Causley Theatre Works, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427774
  • Other works on Cornwall and the Cornish

  • Kent, A.M., 2004, Cousin Jack’s Mouth-Organ: Travels in Cornish America, St. Austell, Cornish Hillside Publications. ISBN 9781900147378
  • Kent, A.M., Merrifield D.L.J., 2004, The Book of Probus: Cornwall’s Garden Parish, Tiverton, Halsgrove. ISBN 9781841143279
  • Kent, A.M., Beare J., 2012, Celtic Cornwall: Penwith, West Cornwall & Scilly, Wellington, Halsgrove. ISBN 9780857040787
  • Creative writing - Poetry

  • Kent, A.M., 1994, Grunge, St Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795001
  • Kent, A.M., Hodge P., 1995, Out of the Ordinalia, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795018
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  • Kent, A.M., 2010, The Hope of Place: Selected Poems in English 1990-2010. London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427637
  • Creative writing - Plays

  • Kent, A.M., 2006, Nativitas Christi / The Nativity: A New Cornish Mystery Play, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427316
  • Kent, A.M., 2007, Oogly Es Sin: The Lamentable Ballad of Anthony Payne, Cornish Giant, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427385
  • Kent, A.M., 2008, 2012, The Tin Violin, The adventures of Joseph Emidy: A Cornish tale, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427422
  • Kent, A.M., 2009, Surfing Tommies: A Cornish Tragedy, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427484
  • Kent, A.M., 2010, A Mere Interlude, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427569
  • Creative writing - Novels

  • Kent, A.M., 1991, Clay, Launceston, Amigo Books ISBN 1872416012
  • Kent, A.M., 1996, Yowann and the Knot of Time, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press Ltd. ISBN 1898795037
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  • Kent, A.M., Williams N., tr., 2010, The Cult of Relics: Devocyon dhe Greryow, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. Hardback ISBN 9781904808411
  • Kent, A.M., Williams N., tr., 2011, The Cult of Relics: Devocyon dhe Greryow, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. Paperback ISBN 9781904808794
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  • Creative writing - Children's Literature

  • Kent, A.M., Cailes G,. Kennedy N,. 2011, Beast of Bodmin Moor, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. ISBN 9781904808770
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