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Akram Yari

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Ethnicity  Hazara
Movement  Shola-e-Javid

Name  Akram Yari
Role  Political leader
Akram Yari httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb7
Born  1940Jaghori, Afghanistan
Known for  Revolutionary leader in Afghanistan
Died  January 1, 1979, Kabul, Afghanistan
Organization  Progressive Youth Organization

Akram Yari (Persian: اکرم یاری‎‎) was a Maoist political organizer in Afghanistan. He was the leader and founder of the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO), a Maoist organization which was formed on October 6, 1965.


Akram Yari Akram Yari Wikipedia

Early years

Akram Yari was born in Jaghori, Afghanistan in 1940. He belonged to a family of aristocrats. He received his early education in his hometown. Later he moved to Kabul where he received higher education. He was a teacher at Khushal Khan High School and later at Mehmood Tarzi High School.

Political activism

Akram Yari was the founder and leader of Progressive Youth Organization (PYO), a Maoist organization, founded on October 6, 1965. PYO published a magazine called Shola e Jawid (Eternal Flame) which was circulated among students and youth.

Akram Yari opposed the monarchy of King Zahir Shah, the Islamic fundamentalists, and the pro-Soviet People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA). PYO adhered to Marxism–Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought, and rallied for the overthrow of the then-current order by means of civil war.


Under Akram Yari's leadership, PYO had strong support among the masses of workers and students in the cities of Afghanistan. Among the people of Afghanistan, the movement that PYO led is famous by the name of Shola-e-Jawid and its members were commonly known as the Sholais (Flamists), after the name of their journal.

Akram Yari was a teacher and propagator of Marxism and introduced Marxism to a large number of intellectuals and political activists in Afghanistan, among them Dr. Faiz Ahmad, founder of Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO).

Arrest and assassination

In 1978 the pro-Soviet PDPA came into power through a military coup. The PDPA government began a crack-down on PYO cadres. Akram Yari was arrested at his home in Jaghori, transferred to Kabul and later killed by the PDPA government. The exact conditions surrounding his death is not known.


Akram Yari Wikipedia

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