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Akiko Noma

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Also known as  Akko
Associated acts  GO!GO!7188
Genres  J-pop, Rock music
Labels  EMI Music Japan
Music group  GO!GO!7188
Years active  2000–present
Role  Vocalist
Instruments  Bass guitar
Name  Akiko Noma

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Born  13 February 1980 (age 35) (1980-02-13)
Origin  Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima, Japan
Albums  Aruyou de Naiyou de Aru Mono, Best of GO!GO!, Tategami, Ryuzetsuran, Tora no Ana

Akiko Noma (野間 亜紀子, born February 13th, 1980), best known as Akko, is the bassist, back-up vocalist, and lyricist of GO!GO!7188. She has also released two solo albums under her maiden name Akiko Hamada (浜田 亜紀子). She sings, writes lyrics, and composes music.


In GO!GO!7188, she seems to be the most outspoken member; she does most of the talking during their interviews and live shows.


While in high school she met Yuu, who formed Jellyfish, a JUDY AND MARY cover band made-up of five girls including Akiko. When Jellyfish broke up a few years later, Yuu and Akiko would remain together and in 1998 form the rock band GO!GO!7188. Although Yuu is the lead vocalist of the group her style of performance is somewhat reserved. This goes in sharp contrast to Akiko's energetic dancing and bass playing, making Akiko the most visible personality during the live performances, despite their drummer, Turkey, garnering the label of "leader."

In 2003 she released kirari (キラリ) on the BM Label and in 2005 aru you denai you de, aru mono (あるようでないようで、あるもの) under EMI Japan.

After getting married in October 2006 she changed her surname from Hamada to Noma (野間).


  1. Kirari (October 13, 2003)
  2. Aruyoude Naiyoude, Arumono (November 2, 2005)


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