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Tripti Joshi

Ahmed Farah Ali

Name  Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Farah Ali Sheekooyinka Quraanka Qisadi Nabi Nuux CS By Ahmed Farah Ali

Sheekooyin ka quraan ka qisadi nabi saalax cs by ahmed farah ali idaajaa

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Ahmed Farah Ali (Somali: Axmed Faarax Cali) also known as Idaajaa, is a Somali literary scholar and publisher of written folklore.

Sheekooyin ka quraan ka qisadi nabi luud cs by ahmed farah ali idaajaa


Ali was a political analyst, and directed the program Fanka iyo Suugaanta on the BBC Somali section.

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He is also the editor of the work of several poets. The collection of Ismaciil Mire's poems was introduced, annotated and written down by Ali while at the Academy of Culture in Mogadishu in 1974.

Ali currently hosts a weekly radio segment on VOA Somali titled Dhaqanka iyo Hiddaha, meaning "Culture and Heritage".


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