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Ahmadullah Alizai

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Preceded by  Zabihullah Mojaddidy
Role  Politician
Name  Ahmadullah Alizai
Religion  Islam
Political party  Independent

Ahmadullah Alizai
Born  1972 Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Governor of kabu ahmadullah alizai in nobatshoma jami ariana tv

Ahmadullah Alizai (born 1972) is a politician in Afghanistan, currently serving as the Advisor Minister of President in Local Governnance and have worked as the governor of Badghis & the Governor of Kabul Province in Afghanistan. He previously served as the deputy governor of Kabul Province, deputy governor of Nangarhar Province, and as director of Counter-Narcotic directorate for the south-west zone.


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Early life

Alizai was born on 1972 in the Maruf District of Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan. He is an ethnic Pashtun from the Alizai tribe of southern Afghanistan. He comes from an educated, influential and political family. His father was an elder of the Alizai tribe who played a vital role during the jihad and in service of homeland.

During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Alizai migrated to Pakistan and started primary education in Pishin, Balochistan. He completed his secondary education in (Medical school), and from 1987 up to 1989 graduated from high school. He has chosen to study political science and earned his B.A degree in 1997 and M.A degree in political science in 1999. And has also studied computer and English language.


During 1995, he established a non-governmental organization (NGO) in order to serve his Afghans in Pakistan.

Later, Alizai was promoted as the general director for an organization called ARDP for five years. Based on governmental request he was assigned as the director for Counter-Narcotic directorate stationed at south-west zone for three years right after he left the organization in 2001. Alizai started his other job as the director for the general directorate of Counter-Narcotic at East zone, from 2005 to 2008. He was then appointed to assist the central government and government strategies, and was assigned to work as the deputy governor for the east Nangarhar provincial government office for one ending in 2008 but due to the needs and repeated asks of the central government he got an assignment as the deputy governor for the Kabul government office, where he could be more helpful to the government and the people of Afghanistan. He was the deputy governor in Kabul Province for three years starting from 2008. Currently, Alizai is the acting governor of Kabul Province since April 2011 after Zabihullah Mojaddidy resigned.

He is fluent in Pashto, Dari (Persian), English and Urdu languages.


Ahmadullah Alizai Wikipedia