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Adventures of the Flying Cadets

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Written by  Henry MacRae
Country  United States
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Genre  Adventure
Language  English
Adventures of the Flying Cadets movie poster
Director  Lewis D. CollinsRay Taylor
Release date  1943 (1943)
Writer  Morgan Cox (story), Morgan Cox (screenplay), George H. Plympton (screenplay), Paul Huston (screenplay)
Directors  Ray Taylor, Lewis D. Collins
Episodes  Rendezvous With Doom, Rendezvous With Doom, Wings of Destruction, Wings of Destruction, The Door to Death, The Door to Death, Menaced by Murders, Menaced by Murders, The Toll of Treason, The Toll of Treason, Gestapo Execution, Gestapo Execution, The Black Hangman Strikes Again, The Black Hangman Strikes Again, Crashed in a Crater, Crashed in a Crater, Caught in the Caves of An-Kar-Ban, Caught in the Caves of An-Kar-Ban, The Black Hangman Strikes, The Black Hangman Strikes, Into the Flames, Into the Flames, Hostages for Treason, Hostages for Treason, Masters of Treachery, Masters of Treachery
Cast  Johnny Downs (Danny Collins), Bobby Jordan (Jinx Roberts), Ward Wood (Scrapper McKay), William 'Billy' Benedict (Zombie Parker), Eduardo Ciannelli (Kurt von Helger), Regis Toomey (Capt. Ralph Carson)

Four cadets are accused of murder and must clear their names.


Adventures of the Flying Cadets movie scenes Above from left to right Ward Wood Billy Benedict Bobby Jordan and Johnny Downs in Adventures of the Flying Cadets

Adventures of the Flying Cadets is a 13-episode 1943 Universal film serial. The serial is directed by Ray Taylor and Lewis D. Collins.

Four youthful cadets are implicated in a series of murders, and must attempt to clear themselves of suspicion.


Adventures of the Flying Cadets movie scenes

Flying students Danny Collins (Johnny Downs), "Jinx" Roberts (Bobby Jordan), "Scrapper" McKay (Ward Wood) and "Zombie" Parker (William Benedict) are suspected of a series of murders perpetrated by engineer, Arthur Galt(Robert Armstrong) operating as a Nazi agent known as the Black Hangman. He has disposed of several people who accompanied him on an expedition which located lost helium deposits in Africa.

Galt has also imprisoned the remaining members of the expedition, Professor Mason (Selmer Jackson) and his daughter Andre (Jennifer Holt). Galt plans to sell the helium to Germany through a Gestapo ring headed by Kurt von Heiger (Eduardo Ciannelli). The four students, believing Galt to be an ally, fly with him to Africa as they hope to track down Von Heiger, thinking he is the Black Hangman, and clear their own names on the charges of murder. The four are pursued to Africa by U.S. Army Intelligence officer Captain Ralph Carson (Regis Toomey).

The boys survive a tailspin and upon landing, take Galt into custody but momentarily he convinces authorities that he is innocent. When he tries to contact other Nazi agents, he is revealed to be their ring leader. The cadets are vindicated and receive Air Force Wings as they prepare to join Allied pilots going off to war.

Chapter titles

  1. The Black Hangman Strikes
  2. Menaced by Murderers
  3. Into the Flames
  4. The Door to Death
  5. Crashed in a Crater
  6. Rendezvous with Doom
  7. Gestapo Execution
  8. Masters of Treachery
  9. Wings of Destruction
  10. Caught in the Caves of An-Kar-Ban
  11. Hostages for Treason
  12. The Black Hangman Strikes Again
  13. The Toll of Treason



This was Universals last aviation serial. The first had been The Airmail Mystery in 1932.


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