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Adolfo Moran

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Adolfo Moran


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Adolfo Moran born in Valladolid, Spain, architect and city planner 1975 doctor Ph.D.1989 University of Navarra, theoretical physicist and co-founder of World Physics Society.


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He was professor of architecture at University of Valladolid, in which he was Projects I chairman and at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca, titular of Architectural Ideation Department, professor of Architectural Imagination and City Imagination, and director of Permanent Seminar of Housing Studies at Technical University of Madrid.

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In 1992 his architectural work was selected as the principal ones by the Spanish Architecture Biennial. With Joaquin Moran, he received the award Gran Via Posible. Madrid 2010.

Adolfo Moran Adolfo Moran Spanish Architect Spain earchitect

At present he is also considered one of the principal predecessors of the "Movable Architecture".

Adolfo Moran Adolfo Moran Spanish Architect Spain earchitect

His research works on the Architectural Imagination have reached international resonance, and have received international recognitions.

Adolfo Moran Adolfo Moran Spanish Architect Spain earchitect

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Books and scientific publications

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  • The Reasonable Architecture or The Music of Space (La Arquitectura Razonable o La Música del Espacio)Adolfo Moran (1989 GAC edit.)
  • The Project of The City to Live (El Proyecto de la Ciudad para Vivir)Adolfo Moran (1992 Madrid City Hall edit.)
  • About the Method of Analysis and Architectural Production (Sobre el Método de Análisis y Producción Arquitectónica)Adolfo Moran (1991. Génova. Unione Italiana per el Disegno edit.)
  • The Modification of the Architecture (La Modificación de la Arquitectura)Adolfo Moran (1994. Madrid. EGA edit.)
  • Architecture and Nature (Arquitectura y Naturaleza)Adolfo Moran (1992. Valladolid. GRAPHEUS edit.)
  • The Light in the Project of Architecture according to Vitrubio, Alberti, Palladio and Boullée (La Luz en el Proyecto de Arquitectura según Vitrubio, Alberti, Palladio y Boullée)Adolfo Moran (1992. Roma. Gangemmi Editori edit.)
  • Principles of Architecture I (Principios de Arquitectura I)Adolfo Moran (1996. Pamplona. T6 Ediciones edit.)
  • Chronicle from Marinetti's Hangar (Crónica desde el Hangar de Marinetti)Adolfo Moran (1992. Buenos Aires. Marca de Agua edit.)
  • About Andrea Palladio's Method for the Construction of the Entasis (Sobre el Método de Andrea Palladio para la Realización del Entasis) Adolfo Moran (1992. Pamplona. Publicaciones Universidad de Navarra edit.)
  • Towards a New Architecture. The American Challenge (Hacia una Nueva Arquitectura. El Desafío Americano. Adolfo Moran) (1992. Madrid. Taller de Editores edit.)
  • The Utopian City (La Ciudad Utópica) (1993. Buenos Aires. Marca de Agua edit.)
  • The Blurry Architectural Imagination (La Desdibujada Imaginación Arquitectónica)Adolfo Moran (2009. Madrid. C.EGA edit.)
  • Arch in Manhattan. New York City . U.S. ]
  • Palace of the President of Castile and Lion, Spain
  • Chamberí Neighborhood Remodeling. Madrid. Spain
  • Lake Town Pueblo del Lago Punta del Este. Uruguay
  • Gare Routiere Town. Fes, Morocco
  • Foreign Brigade. Madrid, Spain
  • Control Buildings of Castile and Lion Headquarters, Spain
  • Social Club and Housings in Simancas, Spain
  • Transformation of the Esgueva River along Valladolid, Spain
  • Recognitions

  • The work of Adolfo Moran was rewarded by II Spanish Architecture Bienal(1993), as one of main Spanish architecture works
  • First Price Award Gran Via Posible. Madrid 2010
  • First Price Eivissa Building. Eivissa. Balearic Islands 2006
  • First Price Commissioner Universal Exposition EXPO08. Zaragoza 2006
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