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Adolf Gustaaf Lembong

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Allegiance  Indonesia
Service/branch  Indonesian Army
Name  Adolf Lembong

Adolf Gustaaf Lembong
Born  October 19, 1910 Ongkaw, North Sulawesi, Dutch East Indies (1910-10-19)
Rank  First Lieutenant (USAFFE LGAF) Lieutenant Colonel (TNI)
Died  January 23, 1950, Bandung, Indonesia

Adolf Gustaaf Lembong (19 October 1910 – 23 January 1950) was a military officer involved in guerrilla warfare against the Japan in the Philippines during World War II and subsequently in the struggle for Indonesian independence. He was killed during the APRA coup d'état in Bandung.


World War II

At the start of World War II, Lembong was an NCO in the Dutch colonial army (KNIL) in Manado. In 1943, he was captured by the Japanese and sent to the Philippines. Lembong and several others were able to escape captivity and join a local guerrilla unit that was part of the USAFFE LGAF. It was during his prison time that he learned basic and some advanced Filipino and English Language from his fellow American and Filipino prisoners.

Struggle for Indonesian Independence

After the war, Lembong returned to Indonesia and joined an irregular armed organization called the "Loyalty of the Indonesian People from Sulawesi" (Indonesian: Kebaktian Rakjat Indonesia Sulawesi (KRIS)). This group was mostly made up of men from the Minahasa region in North Sulawesi who were residing in Java. In 1947, KRIS and other groups were integrated into the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Tentara Republik Indonesia (TRI)). In 1948, TRI became the National Armed Forces of Indonesia (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI)) and Lembong became commandant of 16th Brigade (Brigade XVI). During the Dutch Military Aggression II, Lembong was captured in Yogyakarta and jailed by the Dutch for a time in Ambawara.

APRA Coup d'Etat

Lembong was initially considered for the Military Attaché position in the Philippines, but was instead appointed head of the Army Education Department. He traveled to Bandung to take up his position. On January 23, he planned to visit the commandant of the Siliwangi Division, but was unaware that APRA forces had already occupied the division headquarters. Lembong was brutally killed by APRA soldiers. The place where Lembong was killed is now a museum associated with the Siliwangi Division. The street where this museum is located is now called Lembong.


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