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Adia Chan

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Chinese name  陳松伶 (traditional)
Name  Adia Chan
Genres  Cantopop, Mandopop
Other name(s)  Chung Chung (松松)
Albums  Restart, 滾石香港黃金十年: 陳松伶精選
Origin  Hong Kong
Spouse  Zhang Duo (m. 2011)
Chinese name  陈松伶 (simplified)
Role  Actress

Adia Chan Sweet Zhang Duo Nnadia Chan couple Chinaorgcn

Pinyin  Chen Songling (Mandarin)
Jyutping  Can4 Cung4 Ling4 (Cantonese)
Born  21 January 1971 (age 44) Jakarta, Indonesia (1971-01-21)
Movies  Porky's Meatballs, Troublesome Night 7, Life Is a Miracle, Troublesome Night 8, Man in Blues
Similar People  Zhang Duo, Clifton Ko, Joe Ma, Adrian Kwan

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Adia Chan is an Indonesian-born Hong Kong actress, singer, model, and spokesperson.


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Adia Chan Live in Concert 2013 [ 陳松伶 "天涯歌女" 演唱會 ]

Life and career

Adia Chan HappyBirthDay to Nnadia Chan YouTube

Chan's parents are Indonesian Chinese and her family moved to Hong Kong when she was three years old. She started show business in 1985 at the age of 14, winning a Sally Yeh impersonation contest hosted by TVB, within the show Enjoy Yourself Tonight (歡樂今宵). Thereafter she hosted many children's show and sang many children's songs which gained her much popularity within the younger generation. Chan stars in films as well as Hong Kong/Singaporean/mainland-Chinese television serials although she is most well known for many of her roles in the TVB series, especially Song Bird. She has also performed alongside Jacky Cheung in the musical Snow.Wolf.Lake, the Mandarin and Cantonese version.

Adia Chan Instru cover Yue er wan wan zhao jiu zhou

In 1995, Chan changed her name from 陳松龄 to 陳松伶. The pronunciation was still the same - Ling - but a different character was used. The 'Ling' in her original name means "age" and the 'Ling' in her new name is part of a phrase that means "intelligent and witty". As her short hair grew longer, Chan went through yet another metamorphosis in 1999. She officially changed her English name from Nadia to Nnadia. The added "n" was a self reminder to "never give up." It also symbolized "new". In 2012, she again changed her English stage name to Adia, removing the 2 initial "n's". A reason for the change has not been given publicly.

Adia Chan Nadia Chan Movies Actress Hong Kong Filmography

Chan is now settled in Beijing after marriage to Chinese actor Zhang Duo.


  • Porky's meatball 鬼馬校園 (1986)
  • The Last Conflict (1988)
  • Shanghai Heroic Story 英雄地之小刀會 (1992)
  • Banana Club 正牌香蕉俱樂部 (1996) (cameo)
  • Troublesome Night 6 陰陽路六之凶周刊 (1999) (cameo)
  • Troublesome Night 7 陰陽路七之撞到正 (2000)
  • Troublesome Night 8 陰陽路八之棺材仔 (2000)
  • The Enemy 敵對 (2000)
  • Life Is a Miracle 生命因愛動聽 (2001)
  • Return from the other World 賭神之神 (2002)
  • The Hidden Enforcers 殺手狂龍 (2002)
  • Money Suckers 一屋貪錢人 (2002)
  • Modern Cinderella 現代灰姑娘 (2002)
  • Dizzy Date 心跳 (2002)
  • Man In Blues 男人之苦 (2004) (cameo)
  • Television (official year | first air date)

  • Song Bird 天涯歌女 (1989|25-Dec-1989) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea 月兒彎彎照九州 (1990|23-Dec-1991) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Be My Guest 我愛玫瑰園 (1991|2-Apr-1991) (Guest Stars) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Brother Cry for Me 忠奸老實人 (1991|27-May-1991) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • The Zu Mountain Saga II 蜀山奇俠之仙侶奇緣 (1991|22-Jul-1991) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Mark of Triumph 92鍾無艷 (1992|9-Mar-1992) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • The Spirit of Love 精靈酒店 (1993|30-Nov-1993) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • The Fate of the Last Empire 清宮氣數錄 (1993|11-Apr-1994) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Knot to Treasure 婚姻物語 (1994|4-Jul-1994) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Instinct 笑看風雲 (1994|21-Nov-1994) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • The New Justice Pao 新包青天之劫聖旨 (1995|N/A) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • To Love with Love 水餃皇后 (1995|5-Jun-1995) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Cold Blood Warm Heart 天地男兒 (1996|5-Feb-1996) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 新上海灘 (1996|2-Sept-1996) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • The Zu Mountain Saga (1996) (Home TV, India)
  • A Place of One's Own 大澳的天空 (1997|9-Feb-1998) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Love in a Chaotic World 星星 月亮 太陽 (1998|N/A) (Mainland China)
  • Happy Ever After 金玉滿堂 (1999|15-Mar-1999) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Coup De Scorpion 天蠍行動 (1999|N/A) (MediaCorp, Singapore)
  • Legendary Four Aces 金裝四大才子 (2000|7-Aug-2000) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • In the Realm of Success 公私戀事多 (2001|17-Sept-2001) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Doomed to Oblivion 鄭板橋 (2001|N/A) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Life's Angels 生命天使 (2002|N/A)
  • You Are the One 1/2緣份 (2004|N/A) (MediaCorp, Singapore)
  • Strike at Heart 驚艷一槍 (2005|N/A) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Trimming Success 飛短留長父子兵 (2005|15-May-2006) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Blood Isn‘t Cold 血未冷 (2007|September-2007) (Mainland China)
  • Relatives by Marriage 亲家 (2007|February-2008) (Mainland China)
  • Legend of Yujing 太安堂之玉井传奇 (2008|) (Mainland China)
  • Three Folk-Tales 京东三枝花 (2008|) (Mainland China, guest star)
  • Single Mother (2008|) (Mainland China)
  • ICAC Investigators 2011 (2011) (RTHK, Hong Kong)
  • The No No Girl 全職沒女 (2017|April) (TVB, Hong Kong)
  • Discography

  • Porky's Meatballs 鬼馬校園 (Crown 1985)
  • Curfew 宵禁 (Crown 1987)
  • 89 Chan Chung Ling 89陳松齡 (Crown 1989)
  • Songbird 天涯歌女 (Crown 1990)
  • 走路新郎哥 兒歌兒歌 (Crown 1990)
  • Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea 月兒彎彎照九州 (Crown 1991)
  • Zu Mountain Saga II/Brother Cry for Me 仙侣奇緣 忠奸老實人 (Crown 1991)
  • Dream Comes True/Confused Love 夢境成真 迷惘的愛 (Crown 1992)
  • I Fell in Love with a Hero 我愛上了英雄 (Crown 1993)
  • What's Falling Is Not Rain 天邊洒的不是雨 (Crown 1994)
  • Remembrance 松松牽掛 (Crown 1994)
  • Love for a thousand years 愛到一千年 (CIE 1995)
  • Girl Of My Age 同齡女子 (Rock 1998)
  • Love Is Not Simple 愛你不是渾閑事 (Rock 1999)
  • Chan Chung Ling's Greatest Hits 滾石香港黄金十年—陳松伶 (Rock 2003)
  • Restart 松新開始 (Universal 2004)
  • Musicals

  • Snow Wolf Lake 雪狼湖 (original Cantonese version 1997) - 寧靜雪
  • Snow Wolf Lake 雪狼湖 (Mandarin version 2005) - 寧玉鳳
  • Publications

  • (Charity Photo Album 慈善影集) Memoir in South Africa 非起點 (1999)
  • (Charity Photo Album 慈善影集) Memoir in New York 扭壹紐(2001)
  • Nnadia Magic Tips 松書01 - 松松姐姐美容魔法 (1-Jan-2004)
  • Interviews with 12 Fermale Celebrities 松書02 - 伶感十二 (1-Aug-2004)
  • Miscellaneous TV appearances

  • 刑警本色 (TV movie 1989, TVB)
  • Passion Among Us (TV movie 1994, TVB)
  • 謎情殺機 (TV movie 1994, TVB)
  • 西鐵情緣 (TV movie 1999, KCR)
  • Death Trap 咫尺疑魂 (TV movie 2000, TVB)
  • Coping With Work Stress 工作減壓有良方 (2001, Occupational Safety Council)
  • Jade Solid Gold (JSG) 勁歌金曲 (2002, TVB)
  • Women With Dreams 2006 女人多自在3之強人媽咪 (2006, RTHK)
  • References

    Adia Chan Wikipedia

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