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Addalaichenai MMV

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Addalaichenai MMV

Addalaichenai Central Collegeor Addalaichenai Madya Maha Vidyalaya is a National School situated in Ampara District, Addalaichenai. Which was founded on 1912 and has produced number of intellectuals, leaders, sportsmen and artists.



This institution Addalaichenai Central College, situated in Addalaichenai in Ampara district has produced many intellectuals, social leaders, sportsmen and artists in this region.

The institution was founded on January 7, 1912 as the first Government school in the east coast of our island under the scheme of establishing Government school throughout the island in 1909. At the beginning, this school functioned in a 20×40 hut thatched with cadjans with only a head master, C.G. Vairamuththu, and an assistant teacher As this was the first Government school in the island student from various religions such as Muslim, Hindus and Christians studied here.

After this its name was changed as "Sathana school" in 1942 and then as "Mahavidyalaya" as aresult of late Pottuvil electorate MP Dr. M.A.M.Jalaldeen's effort. Bess ides he provided this college with various physical resources buildings, science laboratory water tank, etc.

This was a stepping stone to this school to meet many challenges in education. it is a significant time in the history of this area made a record in (G.C.E.O/L) Examination with distinction passes in all subject. In addition there is an evidence to prove that this institution has reached a good educational progress producing many doctors, engineers, graduates and professionals.

However, there were many more shortages of infrastructure in this school. The leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress ( SLMC ) late minister, M.H.M. Asraff immensely helped this college to rid of this scarcity by establishing new buildings and reconstructing he previous resources to mark the "National Meeladun Nabi Ceremony" held in this school for the first time in the eastern province in 1997 Moreover, this institution was upgraded to the status of "National School" in the same year. Since the National Meelad Ceremony was held at this college this occasion is indeed a milestone in its history.

Now this school has over two thousand five hundred students and 110 teachers. in addition there are over 15 buildings including five three story buildings, one, two storied building one well equipped modern science laboratory. Meelad hall (assembly hall) agriculture room, and science room.

It is very interesting to note that this school has been enabling the student to enter the universities at an increasing rate. At the same time. it has been keeping records in sports and turning out intellectuals as well. these all achievements show us that this institution is progressing in all the fields Continuously in this scene it is no doubt that this school will quench the educational thirst of Addalaichenai land being a center for imparting knowledge in Oder to face the challenges of the future and make good citizens to our mother land.

Vision, Mission and the Motto


Let's Grow with knowledge


Vision To be a well reputed institution by producing useful citizens, with best qualities, good moral values and globally accepted norms, to move with the fast moving world with multi-social set up.


Recognizing the skills of students and developing them by improving their knowledge, skills and attitudes adopting suitable curriculum and Co-curriculum and thereby establishing a society with great personalities.

Past Principals

1 Mr.C.G.Viramuththu
2 Mr. S.S. Nahappar
3 Mr. V. Rajarathnam
4 Mr.K.Veerakon
5 Mr.Arulaiya
6 Mr.V.Paranirupasingham
7 Mr.M. Peethamparam
8 Mr.K.Vadivel
9 Mr.S.H.L.Ibrahim
10 Mr.J.M. Samsudeen Moulana
11 Mr. M.I.M.Naheem
12 Mr.A.M. Abdul Kuthoose
13 Mr.P.M. Abdul Kader
14 Mr. M.A.M.Samsudeen
15 Mr.A.L.M.Abdul Cader
16 Mr.A.Ahamed Lebbe
17 Mr.J.M. Samsudeen Moulana
18 Mr.M.A.Mohideen Bawa
19 Mr.B.M.Kamaldeen
20 Mr.M.L.M.Baseer
21 Mr.A.R.A.Azeez
22 Mr.M.A.Umar Lebbe
23 Mr.M.A.Uthuma Lebbe
24 Mr.A.M.Abdul Gafoor
25 Mr.M.I.M.Hai
26 Mr. U.L.Mohideen
27 Mr.Y.M.S.Y.Moulana
28 Mr.M.H.M.Naleem
29 Mr.U.M.Shaheed
30 Mr.P.M.M.A.Gaffoor
31 Mr.A.L.M.Sakariya
32 Mr.K.L.Abdul Majeed
33 Mr.M.H.M.Naleem
34 Mr.A.C.Saifudeen


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