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Adam Roberts (British writer)

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Nationality  English
Citizenship  British

Name  Adam Roberts
Role  Critic
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Born  Adam Roberts 30 June 1965 (age 50) (1965-06-30)
Pen name  A.R.R.R. Roberts A3R Roberts Don Brine
Occupation  Academic, critic, writer
Alma mater  University of Aberdeen Cambridge University
Genre  Science fiction, fantasy, parody
Education  University of Cambridge, University of Aberdeen
Nominations  Arthur C. Clarke Award, Philip K. Dick Award
Books  Yellow Blue Tibia, The Soddit, Gradisil, The Riddles of The Hobbit, The Snow
Similar People  Heidi Holland, Harold Bloom, O S Nock, Robert Browning

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Adam Charles Roberts (born 30 June 1965) is a British science fiction and fantasy novelist. He writes parodies under the pseudonyms of A.R.R.R. Roberts, A3R Roberts and Don Brine.


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He has a degree in English from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD from Cambridge University on Robert Browning and the Classics. He teaches English literature and creative writing at Royal Holloway, University of London. Adam Roberts has been nominated three times for the Arthur C. Clarke Award: in 2001 for his debut novel, Salt, in 2007 for Gradisil and in 2010 for Yellow Blue Tibia. He won both the 2012 BSFA Award for Best Novel, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, for Jack Glass. It was further shortlisted for The Kitschies Red Tentacle award. His short story "Tollund" was nominated for the 2014 Sidewise Award.

In May 2014, Roberts gave the second annual Tolkien Lecture at Pembroke College, Oxford, speaking on the topic of Tolkien and Women.


  • Salt (2000, ISBN 0-575-06896-5)
  • On (2001, ISBN 0-575-07176-1)
  • Stone (2002, ISBN 0-575-07396-9)
  • Polystom (2003, ISBN 0-575-07541-4)
  • The Snow (2004)
  • Gradisil (2006)
  • Land of the Headless (2007)
  • Splinter (2007)
  • Swiftly: A Novel (2008)
  • Yellow Blue Tibia: A Novel (2009, ISBN 0-575-08356-5)
  • New Model Army (2010)
  • By Light Alone (2011)
  • Jack Glass (2012, ISBN 0-575-12763-5)
  • Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea (2014)
  • BĂȘte (2014, ISBN 978-0-575-12768-5)
  • The Thing Itself (2015)
  • The Real-Town Murders (2017)
  • Novellas and short story collections

  • Park Polar (2002)
  • Jupiter Magnified (2003)
  • Swiftly: Stories (2004)
  • "S-Bomb" in Riffing on Strings: Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory (2008, ISBN 0-9802114-0-9)
  • Anticopernicus (2011)
  • Adam Robots (2013)
  • "Trademark Bugs: A Legal History", Reach for Infinity (2014)
  • Saint Rebor (2015)
  • Bethany (2016)
  • Parodies

  • The Soddit (2003, The Hobbit)
  • The McAtrix Derided (2004, The Matrix)
  • The Sellamillion (2004, The Silmarillion)
  • Star Warped (2005, Star Wars)
  • The Va Dinci Cod (2005, The Da Vinci Code)
  • Doctor Whom: E.T. Shoots and Leaves (2006, Doctor Who)
  • I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas (2009, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol).
  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo (2010, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • Criticism

  • Silk and Potatoes: Contemporary Arthurian Fantasy (1998)
  • Science Fiction: the New Critical Idiom (2000, second edition 2005)
  • Tolkien: A Look Behind "The Lord of the Rings" (with Lin Carter) (updated edition 2003)
  • The History of Science Fiction (Palgrave Histories of Literature) (2006)
  • The Riddles of The Hobbit (Palgrave McMillan) (2013)
  • Other non-fiction

  • Get Started in: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy (2014, ISBN 978-1-4447-9565-3)
  • References

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