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Acme Monaco

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Area served  Worldwide
Headquarters  New Britain
Type of business  Private company
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Industry  Medical Orthodontics Commercial Industry
Founded  1947; 70 years ago (1947) (as Acme Spring, Inc.)
Products  Non-sterile medical devices Orthodontic hardware Custom wireforms Springs
Established  1947 (as Acme Spring, Inc.)

Guidewires springs stampings rings acme monaco inc

Acme Monaco Corporation is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) speciality wire manufacturer serving the medical, commercial, and orthodontic industries. The company is a custom manufacturer of non-sterile medical assemblies such as surgical staples, guidewires, and stylets. They also manufacture compression, extension, and torsion springs, fourslide and progressive die stampings, wireforms, retaining rings, and orthodontic hardware. Acme Monaco services industries such as automotive, power tool, lighting, HVAC, medical, and orthodontics.


Better fourslide stampings by acme monaco


The company was founded in 1947 as Acme Spring Incorporated. During the 1950s the major product manufactured at the company was miniature ball bearing retainer rings. In 1958 Acme Spring was featured in the April 7th edition of Life magazine. The company was featured because they were a supplier for General Motors. In February 1969 Acme Monaco supplied New Hampshire Ball Bearing Company with retaining rings which were then put onto the Apollo vessel. The product line was expanded to include orthodontic hardware in 1970 with the addition of rolling and wire shaping. By 1984 the company had merged with Monaco Spring, to create Acme Monaco, and its product line was increased to include springs, wireforms, and stampings. Non-sterile medical assemblies, such as surgical staples, guidewires, and stylets were added in 1983. In 1989 a second manufacturing facility was opened in Presque Isle, Maine, USA. This expansion allowed the company to double capacity. In 2006 another facility was opened in Presque Isle, Maine. Also in 2007 the company opened a medical division in Singapore.


Medical: Guidewire, stylet, springs

Orthodontic: Archwires, lab wire & straight lengths, springs, auxiliary products

Commercial Contract: springs, four-slide stampings, progressive stampings, precision retainer rings, wire forms


The company is certified in these categories: ISO 9000, EN ISO 13485, the US Food and Drug Administration, and CE Mark.

Trade Organizations and Active Volunteer/Contributors

The trade organizations that Acme Monaco is a part of are: the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, Central Connecticut State University- ITBD, New Britain Chamber of Commerce, CBIA- Connecticut Business & Industry Association, NESMA- New England Spring Manufacturers Association, PMA- Precision Metalforming Association, SMI- Spring Manufacturers Institute, ASTM- International measurements, Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce.

Acme Monaco also volunteers and contributes to the following organizations: Hospital for Central Connecticut, Junior achievement, Klingberg Family Center, Lions Club, New Britain Museum of American Art, Plainville Food Pantry, United Way.


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