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Domain  Bacteria
Order  Rhodospirillales
Scientific name  Acetobacter
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Proteobacteria
Family  Acetobacteraceae
Higher classification  Acetic acid bacteria

Lower classifications  Acetobacter xylinum, Acetobacter aceti

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Acetobacter is a genus of acetic acid bacteria. Acetic acid bacteria are characterized by the ability to convert ethanol to acetic acid in the presence of oxygen. Of these, the genus Acetobacter is distinguished by the ability to oxidize lactate and acetate into carbon dioxide and water. Bacteria of the genus Acetobacter have been isolated from industrial vinegar fermentation processes and are frequently used as fermentation starter cultures.


Cellulose biosynthesis in acetobacter xylinum


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In 1998, two strains of Acetobacter isolated from red wine and cider vinegar were named Acetobacter oboediens and Acetobacter pomorum

In 2000, Acetobacter oboediens and Acetobacter intermedius were transferred to Gluconacetobacter on the basis of 16S rRNA sequencing.

In 2002, Acetobacter cerevisiae and Acetobacter malorum were identified by 16S rRNA sequence analysis of Acetobacter strains.

In 2006, a strain of Acetobacter isolated from spoiled red wine was named Acetobacter oeni.

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