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Aceh Jaya Regency

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Country  Indonesia
Regency  2002
Area code(s)  +62 654
Area  3,813 kmĀ²
Population  80,836 (2014)
Special Region  Aceh
Time zone  WIB (UTC+7)
Capital  Calang
Province  Aceh
Aceh Jaya Regency uploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonscc8Calang
Colleges and Universities  STKIP Muhammadiyah Aceh Barat Daya, Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Bina Cendikia Indonesia

in Aceh Jaya Regency is a regency (kabupaten) of Aceh Special Region, Indonesia. The regency covers an area of 3,812.99 square kilometres and according to the 2010 census had a population of 76,782 people; the latest official estimate (as at 2014) is 80,836. The seat of the regency is Calang. The main crops grown in the regency are rice, rambutan, durian, orange, water melon, rubber, oil palm and coconut.


Map of Aceh Jaya Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

Administrative divisions

The regency is divided administratively into six districts (kecamatan), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:

  • Teunom (36 villages) - 17,090
  • Panga (19 villages) - 6,546
  • Krueng Sabee (17 villages) - 14,247
  • Setia Bakti (13 villages) - 7,512
  • Sampoiniet (38 villages) - 11,405
  • Jaya (48 villages) - 19,428
  • 2004 earthquake

    On December 26, 2004, the regency was affected by the Indian Ocean earthquake. The Indonesian Government has announced that a rebuilt Calang will be sited further inland, although individual families and businesses are rebuilding at the same location along the coast. By October 2006 substantial parts of the town of Calang have been reconstructed, including a small hotel and a number of restaurants and other businesses. By the end of 2006 a total of 15,000 houses and 57,000 permanent houses had been reconstructed in the regency. Many people along the coast are still in transitional housing but progress has been made by the various local and many international organizations such as the Red Cross and USAID who are assisting with the reconstruction.


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