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Accidentally in Love (film)

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Director  David Burton Morris
Country  United States
6.2/10 IMDb

Language  English
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Release date  February 12, 2011 (2011-02-12)
Writer  Charles T. Daniels (screenplay), Peter Facinelli (screenplay)

Accidentally in Love is a 2011 Hallmark Channel Original Movie directed by David Burton Morris, and starring Jennie Garth and Ethan Erickson.


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A widowed mother of a young girl, Annie Benchley (Jennie Garth) has been unhappy since her husband - Annie's childhood sweetheart - died of leukemia when her daughter Taylor (Dannika Northcott) was only three years old. She has since been struggling to support herself and her daughter while working as a waitress at a diner. When working, her mother Carol (Marilu Henner) looks after Taylor. Carol feels that Annie should start dating again and constantly tries to set her up with a plastic surgeon, Jeffrey (Todd Babcock), whom Annie does not like.

One day, Annie accidentally hits the car of Eddie Avedon (Ethan Erickson), an arrogant and jaded actor who is already late for an appointment. Both parties blame each other for the car accident, and Annie is finally able to steal Eddie's license and registration to make sure that he will pay for her damage. Eddie leaves immediately, and is later arrested for speeding without a license. Annie is phoned to bail him out, which she reluctantly does, on condition that Eddie will pay for her car to be repaired.

When Jeffrey bothers her yet again, Annie calls Eddie and blackmails him into running by, threatening to press charges against him if he does not. Eddie stops by, and gets acquaintanted with Taylor, the biggest fan of a children's show in which Eddie happens to portray Mulligan, a rabbit in a costume. Eddie, wanting to star in big blockbuster films like his brother Scott (Zack Ward), detests his job, until Taylor makes him realize that he touches children's lives with his role. Grateful, he invites Taylor to meet first Mulligan, and then his spoiled co-star Kenny (Adam Karelin).

Over time, Eddie grows closer to both Annie and Taylor, and is desperate to help Taylor out with an operation that could restore her current bad sight. Annie reluctantly allows him to arrange a doctor meeting, though fearing that the operation will not succeed, thus giving Taylor false hope. Eddie is more optimistic, however, and even raises a large amount of money to pay for her operation. Bad luck strikes again when Eddie is informed that the scheduled operation will take place in three to five years. Not wanting to disappoint Annie and Taylor, he tells them that the operation will be in a few weeks, and meanwhile begs with his manager Dick Brocton (Fred Willard) for a big loan to push forward the operation.

Annie is outraged when she finds out the truth about the operation date through a letter, and breaks contact with Eddie. She is unaware, though, that Eddie has arranged for the operation to take place within a week by selling his house and car. Eventually, Taylor's sight is successfully restored and Annie reconciles with Eddie. Two years later, Eddie is a successful movie star and is the father of Annie's second child.


  • Jennie Garth as Annie Benchley
  • Ethan Erickson as Eddie Avedon
  • Dannika Northcott as Taylor Benchley
  • Adam Karelin as Kenny
  • Zack Ward as Scott Dunbar
  • Michael Patrick McGill as Sergeant Costrow
  • Todd Babcock as Dr. Jeffrey Bramowitz
  • Tom Everett as Graham Bennett
  • Louanne Sirota as Mama Crowne
  • Dayna Devon as Entertainment TV Anchor
  • Fred Willard as Dick Brocton
  • Marilu Henner as Carol
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