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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Acanthaceae
Rank  Genus
Order  Lamiales
Subfamily  Ruellioideae
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Obm garden plant acanthopale

Acanthopale is a plant genus in the Acanthaceae plant family. The genus name is based on the classic Greek words for thorn ákantha and stake palum. Some species in the genus are cultivated as ornamental plants.



  • Genus Acanthopale
  • Acanthopale albosetulosa
  • Acanthopale aethiopica
  • Acanthopale azaleoides
  • Acanthopale confertiflora
  • Acanthopale decempedalis
  • Acanthopale longipilosa
  • Acanthopale pubescens
  • Acanthopale tetrasperma
  • Generally unaccepted species

  • Acanthopale cameronensis
  • Acanthopale cuneifolia
  • Acanthopale humblotii
  • Acanthopale madagascariensis
  • Acanthopale ramiflora
  • Synonyms

  • Acanthopale laxiflora (syn. Acanthopale decempedalis)
  • Acanthopale cameronica (syn. Acanthopale decempedalis)
  • Dischistocalyx laxifloris (syn. Acanthopale decempedalis)
  • Acanthopale buchholzii (syn. Dischistocalyx grandifolius)
  • References

    Acanthopale Wikipedia

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