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Acanthoceras rhotomagensis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Mollusca
Rank  Species
Subclass  Ammonites
Family  Acanthoceratidae
Genus  Acanthoceras
Order  Ammonitida
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Acanthoceras rhotomagensis is an extinct cephalopod species belonging to the subclass Ammonoidea and family Acanthoceratidae.


These fast-moving nektonic carnivores lived during the Cenomanian stage of the Late Cretaceous (from 94.3 to 89.3 Ma).


Shells of Acanthoceras rhotomagensis may reach a diameter of about 36–50 centimetres (14–20 in). Their shells have ornate ribs.


Acanthoceras rhotomagensis fossils may be found in Western Europe and western North America.


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