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Acacia boormanii

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Kingdom  Plantae
Genus  Acacia
Rank  Species
Family  Fabaceae
Scientific name  Acacia boormanii
Order  Fabales
Acacia boormanii Acacia boormanii Provincial Plants and Landscapes
Similar  Acacia, Acacia cardiophylla, Acacia buxifolia, Acacia binervia, Acacia acinacea

Acacia boormanii (common name : Snowy River wattle) is a medium, (sometimes) suckering, multi-stemmed, copse-forming shrub, belonging to the genus Acacia.

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Its native range is the Snowy River in the alpine country of south eastern Australia. It thrives best on well drained soils, but also tolerates compacted clay soils or soils with some salinity.

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This evergreen, frost-hardy, rounded shrub grows to a height of 4.50 m (15 feet), and a diameter of 1.80 to 3.60 m (6 – 12 feet). Its silvery branches carry small, gray-green leaves. The narrow phyllodes are about 8 cm long.

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Its inflorescence consists of lemon-yellow, globular flower heads, profusely borne in panicles, lasting four to six weeks.

This wattle is very popular in cultivation.

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Acacia boormanii Wikipedia

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