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Abuzar Aydamirov

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Occupation  Poet, novelist
Name  Abuzar Aydamirov
Role  Novelist

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Born  October 29, 1933 Meskety, USSR (1933-10-29)
Died  May 27, 2005, Meskety, Russia

Abuzar Abdulhakimovich Aydamirov, Russian: Абузар Абдулхакимович Айдамиров (29 October 1929 – 27 May 2005) was a Chechen novelist and poet, author of a historical trilogy dedicated to Caucasian Wars (Long Nights; A Lightning in Mountains; A Tempest) and of the Anthem of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.



He was born in October, 1929, in the village Meskety of Nozhaj-Jurtovsky area. In 1963 has ended istoriko-philological faculty of the Chechen state teacher's college. In 1967-1969 studied on the Higher literary courses at the Union of Writers of the USSR.

Worked as the teacher, then the director of high school in the native village Meskety. Very uneasy developed both personal, and the creative biography of Aydamirov. But he is a person of staunch character. And if hundreds young men which he has brought up at school, always considered as its spiritual instructor, how the writer, it became the spiritual instructor for all Chechen people.

Time of the beginning of creative activity of Aydamirov has coincided with the period of high hopes on changes in a country life in connection with condemnation of a cult of personality of Joseph Stalin.


His first story was published in 1957. Aydamirov always wrote the truth about a life of the people that its products – hoary antiquity or problems of today concerned. Also there were times when the writer for a long time got to disgrace. Because no means always its creativity satisfied to ideological installations of time. Though it is invariable a feather of Aydamirov the dream of revival of a peace, creative life of the Chechen people moved.

Thus the writer in the products essentially condemned bloodshed, reminded readers a precept of the Chechen wise man – sacred Kunta-haji: never to solve any problems in arms. It till last days the life made all efforts to ward off disaster from a native land. Empathizing sufferings of the Chechen people, Aydamirov executed all life literary and a civic duty: wrote prose, publicism, gave interview. Aydamirov called for the civilised decision of any questions, struggled for culture of the world. At it is a lot of adherents. To its voice the Chechen people listened.


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