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Abu Darda

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652 AD, Alexandria, Egypt

Abu Darda Dua of Hazrat Abu Darda Ya Mujeeb Islamic Dua Names of Allah

Abdullah - Son of Masud, Abu Hurairah, Abu Dhar al‑Ghifari, Muadh ibn Jabal, Zayd ibn Thabit

The story of umar bin khattab and abu darda r a sheikh khaled al rashed

Abu Darda was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.



Abu Darda Dua Of Hazrat Abu Darda IslamiWazaif

Abu Darda was a trader in Medina and belonged to the al-Ḥārith clan of the Banu Khazraj tribe. He converted to Islam after the Battle of Badr. He was declared the brother of Salman the Persian and served as a Governor in Syria during the caliph Uthman's reign.

He died in 652 AD (AH 32) in Alexandria, before the assassination of the third Rashidun Caliph Uthman.


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An hadith transmitted by him states that Muhammad enjoined to him three things: to fast three days every month, to offer the Witr salat before sleep, and to offer two rakat sunnah of Fajr -from Al-Tabarani and Majma al-Zawa'id.

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Abu Darda's own preaching focused on the insignificance of worldly wealth and the minor details of life. According to him, this life was comparable to a loan.

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It is said of Abu Darda that once a friend went to visit him at his home. On reaching there, the friend noticed, with grave concern, the appalling condition of Abu Darda's house. According to the friend, Abu Darda's house was shorter than the full height of a standing man. It was also as narrow as it was short, and the household utilities were less than basic. When the friend inquired from Abu Darda why he lived in such dire conditions, Darda's response was: "Do not worry my friend, this is just my temporary shade. I am building a proper house somewhere, slowly putting good things deserving thereof." When, on another occasion, the friend went back and found the same deprived shade, he demanded to know why Abu Darda had not moved to his better house. It was then that Abu Darda revealed to him that the house he referred to was the Kabr (the grave).

Abu Darda Tomb of Abu Darda may Allah be pleased with him Islamic Landmarks

He was a staunch advocate for the acquisition of knowledge, emphasizing its importance with the statement, “None of you can be pious unless he is knowledgeable, and he cannot enjoy knowledge unless he applies it practically.” Abu Darda held scholars of Islam in high regard for their deep knowledge and practical application of it. He equally praised both students and teachers, asserting that they would receive equal rewards for their pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.

Abu Darda Tomb of Abu Darda may Allah be pleased with him Islamic Landmarks

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