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Abrolhos Archipelago

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Location  Atlantic Ocean
Major islands  Santa Bárbara
Region  Southeast
Total islands  5
Area  50.0 km (19.3 sq mi)
Islands  Isla Santa Bárbara
Abrolhos Archipelago httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Archipelago  Arquipélago de Abrolhos

The Abrolhos Archipelago (Portuguese: Arquipélago de Abrolhos) are a group of 5 small islands with coral reefs off the southern coast of Bahia state in the northeast of Brazil, between 17º25’—18º09’ S and 38º33’—39º05’ W. Caravelas is the nearest town. Their name comes from the Portuguese: abrolho ("Abre Olhos" meaning: Open your eyes), a rock awash or submerged sandbank that is a danger to ships. There is a conspicuous shipwreck in the group.


Map of Arquip%C3%A9lago de Abrolhos, Brazil


These islets were surveyed by Baron Roussin. As part of the instructions for the second survey voyage of HMS Beagle, the Admiralty noted "the great importance of knowing the true position of the Abrolhos Banks, and the certainty that they extend much further out than the limits assigned to them by Baron Roussin", and asked Captain Robert FitzRoy to take soundings and establish the position of the reefs. The work was carried out from 27 to 30 March 1832, giving Charles Darwin the opportunity to examine the wildlife and geology of the islands.


  • Ilha de Santa Bárbara, the largest island. There is a Brazilian Navy military outpost and a lighthouse.
  • Ilha Siriba, the only island open to visitors
  • Ilha Redonda
  • Ilha Guarita
  • Ilha Sueste
  • Submerged banks

  • Parcel dos Abrolhos, a large submerged reef extending from north to south east of the archipelago. Located 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) to the east of Santa Barbara Island, its limits are not well defined.
  • Parcel das Paredes, located to the northwest of the archipelago and the largest feature of the wider Abrolhos.
  • Sebastiao Gomes Reef, Coroa Vermelha Reef and Viçosa Reef, located to the southwest of the Parcel das Paredes.
  • Timbebas Reef, located to the north near the coast.
  • Wildlife

    The extensive reefs of the island group are an area of rich marine fauna. The uninhabited islets are a breeding ground for pelagic birds.

    The Abrolhos Marine National Park (Portuguese: Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos) is a Marine Park located in the Abrolhos Archipelago since 1983. It is strictly forbidden to disembark on Ilha Guarita and Ilha Suest.


    Abrolhos Archipelago Wikipedia

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