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Abramowicz, Abramovich, Abramowitz, and Abramovitz are spellings of a long established surname in Europe; first recorded in England, it is now found in every European country. It is a common surname amongst Ashkenazi Jews, for whom it is commonly Hebraized to Ben-Avraham (בן-אברהם) upon immigration to Israel. It was also (one of the many surnames of Hebrew influence which were historically given by the returning Crusaders to their children, in recognition of their father's visit to the 'Holy Land.'

The surname Abramovich is not related to the Serbian Christian surname Abramović.

Some people with these names include:

Abramowicz (Polish)

  • Michel Abramowicz (1950-), French cinematographer
  • Danny Abramowicz (1945-), American football player
  • Halina Abramowicz, Professor of Physics, Tel Aviv University and Max Planck Institute
  • Kazimierz Abramowicz (1889-1936), Polish mathematician
  • Manuel Abramowicz, Belgian reporter
  • Michał Abramowicz (1884 – 1965), Russian and Soviet geologist
  • Hirsz Abramowicz (1881-1960), prominent Yiddish historian and writer
  • Yehuda Meir Abramowicz, (1914-2007), Israeli rabbi and politician
  • Abramovich (Russian: Абрамо́вич: surname — Абра́мович: patronymic)

  • Alexander Abramovich (Alexander "Sasha" Argov; 1914–95), Russian-born Israeli composer
  • Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (1946-2013) Russian business oligarch, government official and mathematician.
  • Daniel Abramovich Chwolson, Russian Jewish Orientalist
  • David Abramovich Dragunsky (1910-1992)
  • Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov (1921-1992), Soviet physician
  • Luis Abramovich (born 1962), Argentine footballer
  • Mario Abramovich (1926-2014), Argentine musician
  • Roman Abramovich (born 1966), Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea Football Club
  • Semyon Abramovich Furman (1920-1978), Soviet chessmaster
  • Vsevolod Abramovich (1890-1913), Russian aviator
  • Yuri Abramovich (b. 1935), Soviet/Russian aircraft pilot and Hero of Russia
  • Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin (1919-1984), mathematician
  • Ary Abramovich Sternfeld (1905-1990), aerospace engineer
  • Abramovitch
  • Raphael Abramovitch (1880-1963), Russian socialist
  • Abramovitz
  • Max Abramovitz (1908-2004), American architect
  • Moses Abramovitz (1912-2000), American economist and professor
  • S. Y. Abramovitz aka Mendele Mocher Sforim (1836-1917), Jewish author
  • Wesley Abramovitz (1997-Present), Football player, Wrestler
  • Abramowitz
  • Chaim Zanvl Abramowitz (1902-1995), Hasidic rebbe
  • Dov Ber Abramowitz (1860-1926), American Rabbi
  • Pinchas Abramowitz, (1909-1986), Israeli artist
  • Milton Abramowitz (1915-1958), mathematician
  • Sid Abramowitz (1960-), American football player
  • Morton I. Abramowitz, American diplomat
  • Yosef Abramowitz, Israeli businessman
  • Henry Abramowitz, American businessman
  • Sharon Abramowitz, American anthropologist
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