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Abram Gurvich

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Name  Abram Gurvich

Died  November 18, 1962
Abram Gurvich

Chess study 4 abram gurvich 1962

Abram Solomonovich Gurvich (Russian Абра́м Соломо́нович Гу́рвич) was a Russian composer of chess endgame studies. He was born in Baku on February 11, 1897, worked as literature and theatrical reviewer. His first chess study was published in 1926. Gurvich composed more than 100 endgame studies. Died in Moscow on November 18, 1962. At the end of the 1940s he was one of the main targets of the so-called campaign against the "rootless cosmopolitans".


Abram Gurvich Chess Study 4 Abram Gurvich 1962 YouTube

A study by Abram Gurvich


1. Nb6-d7 Bc7!

(1…Bf4 2. Kg4 and 3. Kf5; if 1… Ba7, then 2. Ne5! Kg7 3. Bb2!)

2. Nd7-f8 Bc7-e5!
3. Kh3-g4! Be5-b2!
4. Ba3-c5! Bb2-d4!
5. g6-g7!! K:g7 (5… B:g7 6. Be3 mate)
6. Nf8-e6+


  • Этюды (Chess Studies, Russian), Moscow, 1961.
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