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Abell 2029

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Constellation(s)  Virgo
Declination  +05° 44′ 41″
Richness class  2
Right ascension  15 10 56.20
Brightest member  IC 1101
Bautz-Morgan classification  I
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Abell 2029 or A2029 is a large cluster of galaxies 315 megaparsecs (1,027 million light-years) away in the constellation Virgo. A2029 is a Bautz–Morgan classification type I cluster due to its large central galaxy, IC 1101. This type of galaxy is called a cD-type brightest cluster galaxy and may have grown to its large size by accreting nearby galaxies. Despite its relaxed state, it is the central member of a large supercluster which shows clear signs of interaction.


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Abell 2029 Wikipedia

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