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Abdulhakim Arvasi

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Region  Islamic philosophy
Parents  Halife Mustafa Efendi
School  Sunni Islam
Era  Modern history
Name  Abdulhakim Arvasi
Children  Ahmed Mekki Efendi
Role  Scholar

Abdulhakim Arvasi Baka eyler on Twitter quotNecip Fazl Ksakrek
Died  November 27, 1943, Ankara, Turkey
Influenced  Huseyin Hilmi Isik, Necip Fazil Kisakurek
Similar People  Necip Fazil Kisakurek, Huseyin Hilmi Isik, Seyyid Ahmet Arvasi, Ahmad Sirhindi, Al‑Ghazali

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Abdulhakim Arvasi or Sayyeed Abd al Haqeem-i Arvasi (1865–1943) was a Sunni Islamic scholar.


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Abdulhakim Arvasi Seyyid Abdlhakim Arvasi YouTube

Arvasi lived in the times of the late Ottoman Empire and the early Republic of Turkey. He was one of the most profound Islamic scholars of his time and a mujtahid. Arvasi was a descendant of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and hence he had the title sayyed (seyyid in Turkish) before his name. He is the 33rd sheikh of the Naqshbandi order. He was born in Van, Turkey. He received religious education from the famous scholar and walî Seyyid Fehim-i Arvasi. He was deeply learned in many worldly and religious sciences such as: natural sciences, hadith, tafsir and tasawwuf. Arvasi taught in Van for 30 years after which he moved to Istanbul as the Russian Army had invaded the eastern part of the country. Arvasi taught in various madrasas and mosques of Istanbul for many years. One of his most famous students was Necip Fazıl Kısakürek. Arvasi died in Ankara in 1943 after decades of teaching of Islam. He is buried in Baglum Cemetery, Ankara.


Abdulhakim Arvasi ABDLHAKM ARVAS HAZRETLER27 KASIM 1943 vadetamam
  • Er-Riyâd-üt-Tasavufiyye
  • Râbita-i Şerîfe
  • Keşkül
  • Sefer-i Âhiret
  • Eshâb-i Kirâm
  • Ecdâd-i Peygamberî

  • Abdulhakim Arvasi Abdlhakim Arvasi Kuddisesirruh halife brakmamtr


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