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Abdul Khaliq (athlete)

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Nationality  Pakistani
Name  Abdul Khaliq
Education  Matric
Role  Olympic athlete
Years active  1950–1962
Unit  Punjab Regiment
Country  Pakistan
Employer  Pakistan Army

Abdul Khaliq (athlete) Abdul Khaliq (athlete)
Abdul Khaliq in center with Dr. Abdul Waheed Mughal and International Coaches in 1987 at West Germany

  The Flying bird of Asia
Born  29 November 1933 (1933-11-29)
Occupation  Track and field Athlete
Died  March 10, 1988, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Similar People  Milkha Singh, Nirmal Kaur, Makhan Singh, Jeev Milkha Singh

Abdul khaliq flying bird of asia official

Abdul Khaliq (Urdu: صوبیدارعبدالخالق پرندہ ایشیاء‎)(Subedar Abdul Khaliq, Parinda e Asia) (23 March 1933 – 10 March 1988) "The Flying bird of Asia" as called by Jawaharlal Nehru was a Pakistani sprinter who won 36 International Gold Medals, 15 International Silver Medals & 12 International Bronze Medals for Pakistan. He competed in 100m, 200m and 4 x 100 metres relay. He participated in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and 1960 Rome Olympics and also in 1954 Asian Games & 1958 Asian Games. He was included in the top seven athletes of the time. His younger brother, Captain Abdul Malik also participated 1960 Rome Olympics. He was born in a small village "Jand" in district Chakwal Punjab Pakistan and died on 10 March 1988 in Rawalpindi.


Abdul Khaliq (athlete) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag39 made Pakistanis remember their 39Flying

Milkha singh vs abdul khaliq

1954 Asian Games

During 1954 Asian Games, Abdul Khaliq set a new record of 10.6 seconds in a 100 meters race by beating the previous record of 10.8 seconds held by Lavy Pinto of India. Abdul Khaliq was dubbed as Fastest Man of Asia. The then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was the chief guest dubbed him as "The Flying Bird of Asia". Abdul Khaliq was 21 years old when he was dubbed as "The Fastest Man of Asia & The Flying Bird of Asia" Abdul Khaliq was also the 1st man of Asian games who was dubbed with the title of "Fastest Man of Asia." He was also one and only athlete of Pakistan who was dubbed as fastest man of Asia. With the contribution of Abdul Khaliq Pakistan got 4th place in 1954 Asian games with the help of 13 Medals.

Abdul Khaliq (athlete) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbb 100m Gold Medal 4 * 100m Relay Silver MedalAbdul Khaliq (athlete) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenbbaAbd
  • Represented World Military Games held at Canada
  • Commonwealth and British Empire Games

    Abdul Khaliq (athlete) A Great Pakistani Athlete Abdul Khaliq VWatch 100y Semi-finalist 4*110yards Finalist


    Abdul Khaliq (athlete) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag made Pakistanis remember their Flying Bird
  • Represented the World Military Games at Athens (Greece)
  • Indo-Pak Meet at Delhi

    Abdul Khaliq (athlete) Abdul Khaliq The fastest man of Asia TNS The News on Sunday

    Abdul Khaliq created new Asian records in both the 100 and 200 meters events. Abdul Khaliq won 100m dash by defeating Indian athlete V.K. Rai.

    Abdul Khaliq (athlete) Abdul Khaliq athlete Wikipedia 
     100m Gold Medal (10.4sec New Pakistan & Asian Record)

    Abdul Khaliq triumphed in 200m race and defeated Lavy Pinto of India. Muhammad Sharif Butt broke the record of 200m in 22.0 seconds held by lavy Pinto in 1954 Asian games. at the 21.9 sec. Later on this record was broken by Abdul Khaliq.

    200m Gold Medal (21.4 sec New Pakistan & Asian Record)

    World Military Games at Berlin

    Abdul Khaliq Finished third in the Final of the 100m with 10.4 sec which was equal to his Delhi timing.

    100m Bronze Medal 10.5 secs. 200m Bronze Medal 21.4 secs 4*100m Bronze Medal

    Pakistan Athletics Training Program in England

    Sub. Abdul Khaliq the Fastest Man of Asia defeated Britain Number 1 and Number 2 Shanton and Spooner in the both of Sprints.

    100yards Gold Medal (10.1 sec)

    He won 100 Yards in 10.1 sec in an international meet in high land games on a turf track which was rendered wet due to incessant rains in the morning. Here he defeated athletes from 15 countries of Europe. Some of the leading coaches described it as a very good performance and said it was equal to 9.5 sec on a cinder track.

    Victorian Relay Championship

    Abdul Khaliq produced a scintillating 100 meters race in 10.4 seconds, equalling the Australian National record at Olympics Park. Khaliq's was only one-tenth of a second Outside of Bobby Morrow's Gold Medal in Olympics games 100m Final. On 24 November 1956 Saturday (The day of Semi-final and Final of 100m in Melbourne Olympics 1956) Abdul Khaliq had to run two hard races on the same day as "Anchor Man" for the Winning Pakistan Team in 4*110-yard in Victorian Relay Championship before Tackling 100m dash of Semi-final of 1956 Melbourne Olympics Games. With Khaliq Running the last leg the Pakistan Team, romped home 10 yards clear in the Final clocking 41.6 seconds, one-tenth of a seconds outside of the national record held by the Australian Olympics team.

    100m 10.4 seconds (Gold Medal)4*110yards 41.6 seconds (Gold Medal)

    Melbourne Olympics

    In the 1956 Abdul Khaliq was at his best. He reached to the level of Semi-finals of both the events 100m and 200m races.But he unfortunately failed to reach to the 200m race his performance was outstanding he finished the race in 21.1 sec in both rounds. 21.1 seconds is best time of all rounds exempt of final. His performance placed him in top most seven athletes of the time

    100 Metres
    First Round, Heat 3 (The first two in each heat qualified for the second round.)

    Second Round, Heat 2 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Semi-finals.)

    On Same day Abdul Khaliq come after running 4*110 yards from Victorian Relay Championship. It will become very difficult to run 100m dash for him. He could not perform his best because of not proper rest.
    Semi-final, Heat 1 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Final)

    200 Metres
    First Round, Heat 5 (The first two in each heat qualified for the second round.)

    Second Round, Heat 1 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Semi-finals.)

    Semi-final, Heat 1 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Final)

    4*100 Metres Relay
    Round One, Heat 1 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Next Round) Athletes from the following five Countries Participated in this round.
    1. United States 2. Great Britain 3. Pakistan 4. Venezuela 5. Liberia

    Semi-final, Heat 2 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Next Round) Athletes from the following six Countries Participated in this round.
    1. Soviet Union 2. Germany 3. Great Britain 4. Australia 5. Pakistan 6. Japan

    100m Semi-finalist 200m Semi-finalist (21.1 Sec New Pakistan record) 4*100m Semi-finalist (40.8 sec new Pakistan record)

    World Military Games Athen

    In 100m meters Abdul Khaliq got 2nd position and was beaten by USA Pakistan secured fifth position.

    100m Silver Medal

    Tehran (Iran)

    100m Gold Medal (in the time of 10.8 sec) 200m Gold Medal (22 sec)

    Manchester Athletics Meet

    Abdul Khaliq Equaled the British all-comer record of 9.6 sec for the 100-yard sprints. He won by inches from American B.Thomes.1

    100 yards (9.6 sec)

    Dublin Athletics Meet

    Hav. Abdul Khaliq Won the 100 yards dash at 9.8 sec. He Beat Britain's D. Roberts.

    100 yards (9.8 sec)

    Glasgow Rangers Sports

    Abdul Khaliq won 2 events. Abdul Khaliq Clocked 11.6 seconds in 120 yards handicap in which he started from scratch. In 220 yards he was too strong, for British Runner. He beat Shenton who returned 22.0 second.

    120 yards (11.6sec) 220 yards (21.8sec)

    Highland Games Edinburg (Scatland)

    Participated in 100 yards and got first Position.

    100 yards (9.9sec)


    Abdul Khaliq finished close second to Brittan's R. Sandsorm in a 100m dash.

    100m (10.6sec)

    British Empire and Commonwealth Games Cardif

    100yards Semi-finalist (9.8sec)

    1958 Asian Games at Tokyo

    Abdul Khaliq participated in 3rd Asian games at Tokyo. He defended his title in 100m race. Abdul Khaliq won 100m race by defeating Kyohei Ushio of Japan. Abdul Khaliq won 3 medals in 3rd Asian Games. With the Khaliq's contribution Pakistan secured 2nd position in Athletics and 6th in overall ranking.

    100m Gold Medal (10.88sec) 200m Silver Medal (21.7) 4*100m Bronze Medal.

    Dual Empire Games

    Abdul Khaliq was 3rd in the 100 yards.

    100yards Bronze Medal (9.9sec)


    Abdul Khaliq won 220 yards in 21.5 seconds.

    220yards Gold Medal 21.5 seconds

    Goetburgh (Sweden)

    In 100m race Abdul Khaliq was 4th.


    In the 100m race Abdul Khaliq was third.


    100m 10.7sec 200m 21.6sec


    Abdul Khaliq Finished behind Abdon Saye of France in 21.9 seconds in 200m.


    Abdul Khaliq took 200m dash in 21.7 sec.

    200m 21.7sec


    Abdul Khaliq was second in 100m one tenth of a second behind the winner.

    100m 10.8sec

    Bradford (England)

    Abdul Khaliq won the 100 yards race clocking 10.1sec

    100yards Gold Medal (10.1 sec)

    International Meet at Dublin

    Abdul Khaliq triumphed in the 220 yards clocking 22.2 sec to win.

    Glasgow (Scotland)

    Abdul Khaliq won the 120 yards sprint in the 11.6sec.

    World Olympics 1960 at (Rome)

    100 Metres
    First Round, Heat 2 (The first three in each heat qualified for the second round.)
    Abdul Khaliq had passed his peek time so he could not qualify for the next round.

    4*100 Metres Raley
    Round One, Heat 3 (The first three in each heat qualified for the Next Round) Athletes from the following five Countries Participated in this round.
    1. Germany 2. Pakistan 3. Poland 4. Grece


    100m Gold Medal 200m Gold Medal

    International Meet at Lahore

    100m 10.4 seconds Gold medal (Fastest Man of the Meet) 200m Bronze Medal 4*100m 41.5 seconds Gold Medal

    World Milary Games (Holland)

    100m Bronze Medal

    International Meet in Ipoh (Malaysia)

    100m Silver Medal 200m Bronze Medal

    1962 Asian Games at Jakarta

    In 100 Meters Pakistan's both entries failed to qualify for the final. Holder of the previous two meets, Abdul Khaliq, finished fourth in the semi-final with 10.7 seconds.
    In 200 Abdul Khaliq Qualify for semi-final but did not produced the same to qualify for finals.

    Athletic Coaches Clinic Attended

    1967 at Murree for 6 weeks under German Coach 1974 at Hassan Abdal under USA Coaches 1976 at Lahore under Russian Coaches 1981 at Rawalpindi under I.O.C Coaches


  • Army Coach 1965,1966,1967,1970 & 1971
  • Punjab 1974 & 1975
  • National Coach 1974,1975,1976,1977 & 1978
  • Joined National Sports Trust Asian Athletics Coach 23 December 1975
  • Punjab Sports Board Teachers Clinics
  • National Coaches Clinic 1976
  • Local PTI Clinic Lahore 1979
  • Presidential Award

    Abdul Khaliq was given the Presidential Award Pride of Performance in 1958 by President Ayub Khan for his achievements.


    Abdul Khaliq (athlete) Wikipedia

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